Green Tea Extract
5 Different Types Reviewed

There are various ways you can consume green tea extract. This guide reviews the five types available: tablets, instant powder, green tea powder, matcha and liquid extract.

So you want to find out which is the best green tea products to buy? The guide will cover the pros and cons of the various products available and how to buy them.

However, before you start, please read my EGCG Frequently Asked Questions Guide. It should answer most of your questions.

If after reading that article, you think you still want to get a green tea extract, then read on!

Green Tea Extract Type #1:
Tablets, Capsules and Pills

There now exists a large number of green tea supplements containing high concentration of active tea compound EGCG. Broadly speaking, you can consider them as falling under three categories:

  • (1) Herbal Blend
  • (2) Extracted Using Organic Solvent
  • (3) Gold Standard

Herbal blends have green tea as the main ingredient, but they also contain other ingredients that may aid weight loss by boosting metabolism (caffeine) or suppressing the appetite (chromium). They are useful if you are consuming supplement mainly for weight loss purposes and can tolerate some of these other compounds.

(2) and (3) contain mostly catechins, of which approximately half is EGCG. They may or may not contain caffeine.

(2) are highly popular because they are affordable and suitable for people who want the green tea benefits but are caffeine sensitive.

However, the reason they are cheap is because the green tea has been extracted using an organic solvent, not hot water. This can give rise to side effects at high doses.

I review eight green tea supplement products spanning the three categories in the article below, I hope you find them useful.

Green Tea Catechins Supplement Brands Reviewed

Now, green tea is now a regular ingredient of many fat burner products thanks to its well-documented weight loss effects. So there exists another family of supplements:

  • (4) Fat burner products where green tea is not the main ingredient

I am seriously out of my comfort zone here so I am not going to spend a lot of time on this. However, in the article below, I will feature two fat burning products that have some backing of scientific studies.

Green Tea Fat Burner - Three Proven Brands Reviewed

Type #2:
Instant Green Tea Powder Mix

Instant tea was developed in the 1930s, but not commercialized until the late 1950s. Similar to freeze dried instant coffee, it has recently become popular.

It is great for people who want to enjoy tea but don't have time to brew the tea.

It is also ideal for making iced tea, as it doesn't require boiling water to brew. In addition, these products often come with added flavors, such as lemon, raspberry or honey. They can be sweetened or unsweetened.

Convenience and taste aside, there are two problems with instant green tea as a healthy beverage - lack of antioxidants and a potentially high level of fluoride.

Instant Green Tea Powder Mix - How to Buy

Type #3:
Matcha Green Tea Powder

Some people are overly zealous about matcha thinking that it is much healthier than tea itself. This claim is examined in the article below:

Matcha Powder Health Benefits Vs Loose Green Tea

When buying a matcha powder, it is important to know what you are using it for.

If you want something for everyday drinking, you might want to get a ceremonial or premium grade matcha online. Click below for my product review:

Matcha Green Tea Powder Reviews

Alternatively, you might want to use green tea powder as a food ingredient to be added to smoothies, protein shake or iced tea. In that case you would pay less to get a culinary grade powder.

The following article explains the three different grades available and things to consider when buying.

Matcha Green Tea Powder Guide - Types and Grades

Type #4:
Liquid Green Tea Extract

For those people who don't have the facility to drink freshly brewed tea or are sensitive to caffeine, a liquid extract can be an option.

Its main attraction is the convenience factor. With a liquid extract, all you have to do is drop a dropper full into your water bottle or other favorite beverages, and you can reap the rewards of drinking the equivalent of err.. usually one cup of green tea.

Beside green tea extract, it usually contains natural flavoring such as raspberry or lohan.

If you do not like the taste of tea but want an alternative healthy beverage that is sugar free and contains some antioxidants, it might well work for you! Check out my product review below:

Liquid Green Tea Review Brands Reviewed

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