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If you could have any tea ware in the world, what would you choose? Here's our top recommendations from our product reviews on various tea ware.

If you had the opportunity to go on a shopping spree for brewing equipment, what would you buy?

There are so many different types of tea equipment out there that it might be hard to decide. Unless I win the lottery, I expect to be building my own collection over many years.

In the meantime, I can still daydream.

And daydream I do! In fact, I have built up quite a wish list of my favorite tea wares!

Ceramic Tea Infuser - ForLife Tall 15-Ounce Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid

Not many tea drinkers can live without a tea infuser, especially if they are drinking tea in the office or on the go!

A tea infuser is ideal for making a small quantity of tea for one own's consumption. It usually has an infuser basket that hold the loose leaves, so you don't have to worry about the leaves getting struck in your teeth and it makes disposing the spent leaves much easier.

How to go about choosing one? This is covered in this product review: Tea Infuser Review - Mesh Ball, Stainless Steel and Mug

We are spoilt for choice for this one, but personally I will go with this travel mug with a built-in infuser, like this one from ForLife.

This mug got rave reviews from all of its reviewers on Amazon. The mug has an infuser in the lid, so all you have to do is put tea leaves into the infuser, pour hot water in the mug, and run out the door.

When you are ready to drink your tea, you can take the top of the mug off and use it as a coaster for the infuser basket. Reviewers also praised this mug as being easy to clean and care for.

Of course, it’s lead-free ceramic, which makes it safe and perfect brewing all types of tea - green, oolong and black!

Glass Tea Infuser - Bodum YoYo Personal Tea Set with Infuser and 12-Ounce Glass

Ceramic is highly versatile and is suitable for all teas. The only disadvantage is that you can't see the color of the tea when you drink it!

So if you are willing to spend a bit more this Bodum YoYo Personal Tea Set with Infuser and 12-Ounce Glass is worth considering. The tea set consists of three items:

  • A double-walled glass
  • A lid that can also serve as a saucer and
  • A metal strainer that serve as the infuser.

It is designed to brew loose-leaf tea directly in the glass. The lid is dual purpose: it keeps the water warm while the tea's brewing and serves as saucer for infuser. A hole on top of the infuser allows for easy storage by hanging, and all parts are dishwasher safe.

The Amazon reviews are fantastic. Normally with Bodum glassware there are negative reviews on how it cracks easily. Not this one, but the price is not cheap either.

I love it, it was so cool to be able to see the pretty color of the green tea I was drinking! The double-walled glass tea pot was never hot to the touch - just soothingly warm. Of course, it fit the Yo-Yo tea infuser perfectly.

Read Glass Tea Pot Review - Heat Resistant Ware for further information.

Stainless Steel Infuser Infuser - Timolino 17-Ounce Travette Coffee and Tea Maker

An unique product quite unlike anything else, this Timolino 17-Ounce Travette Coffee and Tea Maker is excellent for brewing tea when you are on the go.

This is a thermo flask with an infuser basket. There's no waiting around for the tea to brew. You can just measure out the leaves, fill the Travette up with hot water, and go.

It is my first choice because it is easy to stop the brewing process.

Oversteeped tea is nasty! In many thermo flasks and travel mugs that include infuser baskets,, the only way to stop the tea from steeping is to take the top off and remove the infuser. That can get messy, especially if you are in the car.

With this thermo flask, whenever your tea is done steeping, you can pour out the first cup. Then, the water level will drop below the filter basket. So, the brewing process stops and you can enjoy hot tea for hours with no mess and no bitterness.

Electric Tea Kettle - Adagio Teas 30 oz. utiliTEA Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

There is something romantic about stove top kettles. However, in the morning, romance is the last thing on my mind. I simply want to be able to brew the beverage of my choice quickly.

For this, and if you are a green tea drinker, I will recommend this Adagio’s electric tea kettle.

Most kettles boil water, but this tea kettle does something different. You select whether you want to make green tea or black tea and the kettle will heat up to 30 ounces of water to the right temperature.

Okay, the temperature is approximate as it depends on how much water you have in the kettle. But still it is useful to have the water heated up to a temperature that is below boiling point.

It is cordless. There is also a see through water-level gauge that is really useful.

With an attractive price tag, it ticks most of the boxes.

For further information on electric tea kettle, read Electric Tea Kettle Reviews - Which is Best?

Tea Thermometer - Instant Read Thermometer

If you are not investing in any variable temperature tea kettle or tea maker, then an thermometer is essential if you will be experimenting with various brewing methods.

This versatile Instant Read, Digital, Thermometer measures water temperature quickly and accurately.

(It is also really useful when you are cooking meat and needs to make sure they are heated up to the right temperature and are not overcooked!)



Bamboo Tea Tray

This one is for my tea shop customer who bought my yixing tea pot or if you are an aspiring gongfu tea drinker. Yes, the bamboo tray!

Brewing tea the traditional Chinese way (called gongfu style) can be a messy, messy process. The tea tray is the place where the art of tea brewing is performed. They make the process neater by catching the drips and spills.

This Bamboo Tea Tray are more like a box, with a flat surface on top that has slits cut into it, so the water flows into the box and is kept within the box.



Ceramic Chinese Cup - Gaiwan

If you want to drink oolong tea the Chinese way, then a gaiwan is the way to go.

However, I have to warn you, the cup size can be small by American standard. This is because the Chinese people like to brew their oolong tea highly concentrated.

Also, there is no infuser basket. You drink it straight from the gaiwan with the tea leaves in it or pour it out to another container.

Sado Traditional Gaiwan Teacup is a good place to browse with its wide selection of gaiwans and many satisfied customers.


There you have it: my list of tea ware All-Stars!

Of course, you may not agree with my choices. Everyone is different, after all. If you have your own favorite, why not tell me about it?

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