Glass Tea Kettle Review
Pyrex Models with Whistlers

I review two pyrex glass tea kettle models: Medelco and Adagio. One whistles, the other does not.

Glass tea kettles have several advantages over tea kettles made from other materials. First of all, they do not impart any metallic tastes or odors to the water boiled in them. Also, clear glass is attractive and easy to clean.

However, they also have some disadvantages.

First of all, if they are exposed to sudden changes in temperature, they are prone to cracking and shattering.

Glass kettles made from heat-resistant glass such as Pyrex or borosilicate are less likely to crack, but they are not invulnerable. Since you use them to boil water, the possibility of a glass kettle breaking or shattering is a real concern.

However, with proper care, glass kettles can be a durable addition to your tea brewing routine, and they do make tasty tea.

There are several glass tea kettles on the market today. Let's look at two of the top products to see which one is the best.

Medelco Stovetop Glass Whistling Kettle

First, look at this 12 Cup Glass Stovetop Whistling Tea Kettle.

This glass tea kettle is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, so it is less likely to shatter. The plastic handle is heat-resistant, and it is equipped with a whistle.

Most reviewers loved this kettle for the clean-tasting coffee and tea they were able to brew with it, as well as its sturdy design.

The kettle comes with a trivet to place on top of the stove burner to diffuse heat and lessen the chance of the kettle cracking. This tea kettle is dishwasher-safe, so keeping it clean is a breeze.

However, several reviewers complained that the whistle was not loud enough. Even though the handle is made of plastic, some reviewers advised that it got hot and was difficult to pick up.

Other reviewers advised that this problem can be avoided simply by using one of the small stove burners instead of the large one.

Adagio Teas Water Kettle

This Adagio Teas Water Kettle is another great option.

It holds 60 ounces of water. Like the Medelco kettle, it is also made of borosilicate glass, but it does not come with (or need) a heat-diffusing trivet.

It is safe for all types of stoves.

This kettle also got good reviews on Amazon. Some reviewers complained that it "seemed flimsy," but there no reports of breakage.

This glass tea kettle does not have a whistle, so if you are prone to setting water to boil and then forgetting about it, you should probably go with the Medelco kettle instead.

Style or Substance?

Which of these kettles is the best? Honestly, it depends on what you are looking for.

The Medelco kettle is about $20 cheaper than the Adagio kettle. What does that extra money buy you? The two tea kettles have similar features.

In fact, you could say that the Adagio kettle has fewer features than the Medelco kettle because it lacks a whistle.

However, the Adagio tea kettle is much more attractively designed.

The Medelco kettle looks more like an old-school coffee carafe than it does a tea kettle. The Adagio has more aesthetically pleasing shape and lacks the bulky black plastic handle that makes the Medelco kettle look like it belongs in a diner from the 1950's.

So, it is up to much is beauty worth?

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