Simplex Tea Kettle
Best Whistling Copper?

Many tea drinkers swear by the Simplex tea kettle, but are they a worthwhile investment?

If you ask a group of tea drinkers what their favorite type of tea kettle is, chances are that the brand name Simplex will come up at least once. What's so special about Simplex tea kettles?

I reviewed one of them in our article on copper tea kettles, and it got high marks for sturdiness, durability and a nice loud whistle. That kettle, the Heritage model, is actually the favorite tea kettle of the Roastmaster from Peet's Coffee and Tea.

Who is Simplex?

Why do tea drinkers like Simplex? Part of the answer lies in the company's rich history and tradition.

Simplex is a British company that has been manufacturing kettles since 1903. Over the past century, their design has changed only slightly, so they appeal to tea drinkers who value tradition.

The company is also known for its stringent manufacturing standards, and received awards from the British Hardware & Housewares Manufacturer's Association and the British Quality Foundation.

The loud whistle in the handle is the result of a small ball inside the spout, which is cleverly designed to push steam into the whistle in the tea kettle's lid.

Simplex Heritage

The most popular Simplex tea kettle is this Simplex Heritage Tea Kettle. Like all Simplex models, it is solid copper, which is an excellent conductor of heat.

Copper kettles sometimes add a metallic taste to the water, but Simplex adds a tin lining that seems to do a good job of preventing that from happening.

The wood handle stays cool, so you won't need an oven mitt to pick it up and pour your tea.

The whistle will only work if you are using a gas or electric stovetop. It wouldn't work on induction, glass or ceramic stovetop.

The whistle is loud enough to summon you even if you happen to be on the other side of the house. However, because the whistle is in the lid instead of the spout, you do not have to remove it to pour your tea.

Reviewers also praised the spout for not dribbling when pouring.

The downside of choosing a copper kettle is that copper tarnishes easily and requires more maintenance than other tea kettle materials.

To address this issue, Simplex also has a chrome-covered version of the same model. In the chrome version, the standard solid copper kettle is covered with chrome, so you can simply wipe it off with a damp rag to clean.


Is a Simplex tea kettle worth the money? As you can see, they are not cheap.

However, if you are looking for a stovetop kettle with a pleasant whistle that will last a lifetime, a Simplex tea kettle could be just what you need.

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