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Liquid green tea extracts promise the world, but can they deliver? In this article, I review two brands - Pure Invention and Chi - to see how they measure up.

Why would you want to use a liquid extract, anyway? Why not just drink the tea?

For those people who don't have the facility to drink freshly brewed tea or are sensitive to caffeine, a liquid extract can be an option.

With a liquid extract, all you have to do is drop a dropper full of extract into your water bottle, and you can get some health benefits of green tea.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some popular liquid green tea extracts, shall we?

Liquid Green Tea Extract #1:
Pure Invention Antioxidant Green Tea Extract

This liquid extract is ideal for those people who do not like the taste of tea but want an alternative healthy beverage that is sugar free and contains some antioxidants.

Here's the instruction from Pure Invention on how to use it:

Mix it up!

To create a convenient and healthy alternative beverage simply mix 1 - 2 full droppers with 8 - 16 ounces of water (hot or cold, flat or sparkling) in a water bottle or a tall glass with ice.

Squeeze in a wedge of citrus for an extra burst of flavor! SHAKE WELL.

That sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

It won't taste anything like tea, as it contains natural flavouring such as raspberry, stevia and lohan. Online feedback seems to suggest the taste is quite pleasant for most people.

Some users have complaint of stomach problems. This is quite common for any tea product, the key is to avoid drinking green tea with an empty stomach. See the following article for further guidance:

Best Time for Drinking Green Tea

Each bottle contains two ounces of liquid extract, which should give you 60 servings. Each serving is said to contain 90 milligrams of polyphenols, which is equivalent to one cup of tea.

It is free of caffeine, sugar and artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors.

Liquid Green Tea Extract #2:
Chi Tea Ultimate Green Tea Liquid Extract

Chi Tea Green Tea Extract claims to pack the goodness of 12-15 cups of tea into a dropper. Is this company credible?

Like Pure Invention, it contains 2 ounces of liquid and 60 servings.

One serving is equivalent to 1 milliliter of the extract and 30 drops. It is said to contain 124 milligrams of green tea extract, which is similar to a cup of tea. Again this is similar to Pure Invention.

Exaggerations aside, this product does have some very clear advantages.

First, it has been tested to be free of herbicide and pesticide. Second, this liquid green tea extract is tested repeatedly for quality by a third-party lab, and the results are published on the site.

At least you know what it contains, and maybe even more important, what it does not contain!

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