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Does oolong tea weight loss work? Oolong tea versus green tea. How many cups to drink? Best brand to use?

Oolong tea or Wu-Long tea is just another name for oolong tea, a popular beverage widely consumed in the Far East.

It has attracted a lot of attention lately, with some marketers claiming that you can lose 2 pounds a week! There is lots of inaccurate information out there.

As you read every word of this page, you will understand what this amazing tea does and doesn't do.

oolong tea weight loss

Oolong Tea Weight Loss FAQ #1:
Does it help you lose weight and burn fat?

Let me assure you: Drinking oolong tea does help you lose weight!

In traditional tea drinking countries like China, Japan and Korea, it has a huge reputation for helping people lose weight and fat.

It is widely accepted in China that all teas - especially green tea, oolong tea and pu-erh tea - "make one thin." Oolong tea, in particular, is known for burning fat and encouraging the excretion of fatty food.

Is there any scientific proof?

Oolong tea is not as well studied as green tea, but there is decent amount of scientific evidence showing that oolong promotes weight loss by

Oolong Tea Weight Loss Study - How It Works

A 2001 Japanese study found that drinking 1 litre of oolong tea a day can take 2 years off the internal organ age.

Out of the 11 participants, 9 experienced 2 centimeters reduction in their waist size and 8 experienced 2 centimeters reduction in their upper arms. They also observed lower cholesterols levels.

Oolong Tea Anti-Obesity Benefits - How It Reduce Belly Fat and Cholesterols

Oolong Tea Weight Loss FAQ #2:
How about weight maintenance?

After you have lost weight successfully, you face a long fight to keep fats from piling on.

What do you do? I don't really recommend consuming fat burner supplements for longer than 3 months. They might be toxic when accumulated over the long term.

This is when a suitable tea beverage comes in. They are proven natural fat burner over the long term.

A 2007 American study found that rats prone to obesity cut weight gain by 66% by consuming the equivalent of 6 cups of tea a day. In addition, their triglyceride fats were 80% lower.

Oolong Tea For Fat Loss - An Ideal Weight Watcher

Oolong Tea Weight Loss FAQ #3:
Green tea versus oolong tea - which is better for weight loss?

Many so-called experts claim that oolong tea is better than green tea because it "burn 2.5 times more calories than green tea".

The claim is based on a 2003 study by Komatsu from the Tokushima School of Medicine in Japan. You can read about the study at

Oolong Tea Metabolism - Going Beyond EGCG

The evidence is light. Here is why:

  • The study lasted only one session with just 11 participating young females. Swen Wolfram, in his excellent paper Anti-obesity effects of green tea, suggested that the study may not be accurate.

  • To quote Wolfram: The study by Komatsu appears to be hampered by methodological deficiencies, including the duration of the test, which may have been too short, as well as the use of Douglas bags for gas analyzes, which is less accurate than more modern methods.

  • The test subjects drank either green tea powder (5 grams) or oolong tea leaves (15 grams). They're clearly not intended to be directly comparable.

  • In his paper, Komatsu never concluded that oolong tea burns more calories than green tea.

Personally I recommend drinking both or drinking a lightly oxidized tea such as white tea or green tea.

This is because all high quality teas will help you lose weight. However, you want to be drinking mostly quality tea that is made from young tea buds, as these tea buds are much less likely to be contaminated by road pollution, fluoride and pesticides.

For further analysis, click on the link below:

Green Tea Versus Oolong Tea - Pros and Cons

Oolong Tea Weight Loss FAQ #4:
I heard some people say oolong tea is a more powerful fat burner than green tea?

They are both powerful fat burners, but it is difficult to say which is more powerful. Different studies can come out with different results.oolong tea weight loss

For example, a 2001 study by Yang suggested that green tea burns more fat than oolong tea.

Yang fed green tea, oolong tea and black tea to rats suffering from high amounts of fat in blood. He found that drinking green tea reduces the level of blood plasma fat and cholesterol FASTER and MORE than oolong tea and black tea.

In addition, green tea has no effect on the level of HDL (the good cholesterol) and reduced fat absorption. Yang concluded that green tea fat metabolism is stronger than oolong tea and black tea.

Oolong Tea Weight Loss FAQ #5:
Which is the best oolong tea brand to drink?

The important thing here is to drink quality. You want to drink from tea leaves that have been plucked from high altitude, where the cold climate means nutrition is richer, tastes and aroma are better and pesticides are not being used.

A quality oolong tea can be infused 3-5 times. The wet leaves should be soft and tender; the tea liquor taste clean and floral.

The aftertaste should be long. After drinking, your mouth should feel wet and silky. You feel gently energized for many hours later.

For a tea starter, this Amber AA grade is highly recommended for its low price, high fragrance and long durability. You can also read the following guide to oolong tea:

Chinese Oolong Tea (Wu Long Tea) - One Quality You Must Experience

Oolong Tea Weight Loss FAQ #6:
How many cups of tea should I drink a day?

Now this is really important and I think we have to ask the right question here.

Many people are asking "how many cups of tea do I need to drink a day in order to lose weight?"

What they forget is that while oolong tea can help you lose weight by giving you an energy boost and helps burn fat, you shouldn't be drinking an excessive amount.

If you are drinking a high quality oolong tea, then you only need to consume 3 grams a day, which can be infused 3-5 times a day to make 3-5 cups of tea.

Now that is a lot of cups to go through a day AND you are protecting yourself against any environmental contaminant because you are only consuming a tiny amount tea leaves a day!

Also, because oolong tea can be infused so many times, you can protect yourself against pesticides by tea washing.

Simply pour hot water over the tea leaves, soak for a very short period of time, then remove the water. That way any pesticide residue and dust that might be on the tea are washed away!

Oolong Tea Weight Loss FAQ #7:
Is it true that oolong tea is a good accompaniment when eating fatty food?

In Asia, oolong tea is a popular accompaniment for greasy food. Now, scientists have proven that it is an effective fat blocker.

A study conducted by the University of Tokushima found that it can double the amount of fat being excreted.

12 young Japanese adults participated in the 17-day study, consisting of 10 days of washout and 7 days of treatment. The scientists found that fat excretion was twice as high for those who consumed oolong tea compared to the placebo.

Oolong Tea Diet Blocks Fat Absorption

So next time you have greasy food, have a cup of oolong tea! Not only does the floral smell of oolong tea goes well with fatty food such as pork or beef, it can also help the body to process the fat effectively!


How much weight you lose in the next few weeks or months depends on many other factors, such as switching over to a healthier diet or having a more active lifestyle.

If someone tells you that drinking oolong tea is guaranteed to help you lose 2 pounds a week - they are either exaggerating or lying. No scientific study has ever shown that just drinking tea can help you lose significant amount of weight in a few weeks.

Drinking oolong tea can promote weight loss by giving increasing your metabolism and blocking fat absorption. It will make the journey much more enjoyable!

tieguanyin teaA breakthrough discovery, this high mountain oolong tea is a must-try that has astounded amateurs and connoisseurs alike.

During 1996 to 1999, a Japanese team traveled to China to select an oolong tea farm for import into Japan's health conscious society.

Guess what they discovered after three long years of chemical testings?

Iron Goddess King Tea (Tieguanyin Wang)

Launched in 2007, she has accumulated nearly 50 raving reviews. Customers are mesmerized by her heavenly aroma and intoxicating taste.

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Wolfram S, Wang Y, Thielecke F (2006). Anti-obesity effects of green tea: from bedside to bench.  Mol Nutr Food Res. 2006 Feb;50(2):176-87.

Yang, M., Wang, C., Chen, H. (2001), Journal Nutrition Biochemistry. 12, 14-20.

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