Oolong Tea Increase Metabolism
More Than Caffeine

Scientists have found that oolong tea increase metabolism - but is it due to its caffeine content or some other tea compounds?
oolong tea increase metabolism

Scientists from Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center in the United States discovered that oolong tea contains some compounds that burn fat more effectively than caffeine.

12 men aged 25 to 60 years participated in the study over 3 days. They drank one of the following beverages 5 times a day:

  • Water

  • Caffeinated water containing 270 milligrams of caffeine a day

  • Half-strength tea brewed from 7.5 grams of tea

  • Full-strength tea brewed from 15 grams of tea.

The caffeinated water was designed to contain the same amount of caffeine as the full-strength tea.

It was found that caffeinated water burns more calories than oolong tea. Those who drank full-strength tea burned 2.9% more energy or 67 calories a day. Those who drank caffeinated water burned 3.4% more energy or 79 calories a day.

But when it comes to fat burning, oolong tea is better than caffeinated water. Those who drank full-strength tea burned 12% more fat. Those who drank caffeinated water burned 8% more fat.

Researchers concluded that an unclear compound in oolong tea, other than the caffeine, burns fat and increases weight loss.

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W. Rumpler, J. Seale, B. Clevidence, et al (2001). Oolong tea increases metabolic rate and fat oxidation in men. Journal of Nutrition; 131: 2848-2852.

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