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What are the green tea skin and hair benefits? Where to buy the best green tea skin care and shampoo products? How about white tea?

Over the past decade, green tea has developed quite a reputation as a “health food,” as researchers have uncovered a variety of health benefits.

You may be aware that it is good for your body. But do you know that it also shows up as a key ingredient in a variety of skin and hair care products?

There is scientific research showing that green tea has a variety of beneficial properties when used topically:

For further information, read Green Tea Skin Benefits - 7 Facts You Can't Ignore

How To Buy Guide

Green Tea Skin Care Tip #1:
How to Read The Label

green tea skinGenuine green tea skin care products are few and far between. They need to contain a substantial amount of green tea to be beneficial.

Powerful green tea antioxidant EGCG is so active that it oxidize quickly when it comes into contact with oxygen. So it is doubly important to check that your product contains the right levels of green tea ingredients.

Look for green tea near the top of the ingredient list. It should say “green tea extract” or better still, catechins or EGCG.

According to the 2003 study conducted by Stephen Hsu, EGCG concentrations of 50 to 100 micrograms per ml are sufficient to rejuvenate skin cells. His study found that beneficial effects were observed up to 200 micrograms and higher.

Also, if the label says “green tea fragrance,” put it back on the shelf. Fragrance oils are synthetic chemicals that can be harmful.

For further information on how to decipher the product label, read Green Tea Cream - 5 Things To Watch Out For In Label.

Green Tea Skin Care Tip #2:
What's Missing In Organic?

green tea and skinIn recent years, people have become increasingly concerned about synthetic chemicals. According to the Environmental Working Group, almost 50% of cosmetics and personal care products on the market have at least one chemical that has been linked to reproductive issues or cancer.

The problem is that in the United States, cosmetics companies do not have to prove that their products are safe for long-term use. Therefore, they can and often do use cheap synthetic chemicals.

Cosmetic companies claim they have found an answer to these concerns: Products that are made using "natural, organic, healthy plant extracts". Most green tea lotion and cream products are promoted in this manner - as a natural alternative to chemical-laden face creams.

Surely a product labeled natural and organic is a safe bet, right? Unfortunately, when it comes to cosmetics, those words actually mean very little.

Green Tea Lotion and Cream Alert - When Is Organic Not Natural?

Green Tea Skin Care Tip #3:
Beware of Skin Hazards!

The Environmental Working Group has a website called Skin Deep which can be used to look up different ingredients, products and brands. A similar website is run by the Personal Care Product Council (PCPC), an organization that represents the cosmetics industry.

In the olden days, makeup was made out of lead or arsenic. Unfortunately, there are still quite a few hazardous products out there, waiting to snare unlucky customers.

Here are some ingredients to avoid in your green tea skin care products:

  • Parabens

  • Formaldehyde

  • Harsh Detergents

  • Skin-Penetrating Chemicals

You can learn how to avoid these hazardous chemical at Skin Care Products Alert! - Harmful Ingredients To Avoid

Green Tea Skin Care Tip #4:
How to Buy A Shampoo

green tea and hairDo you know that you can use green tea to fight baldness and increase hair growth? Emerging scientific evidence is highly promising.

A 2007 study conducted by the Seoul National University College of Medicine examined the effect of EGCG on hair follicles and dermal papilla cells, a type of cell found in human hair follicles that controls hair growth and plays a role in male pattern baldness.

These are their findings:

Compared to control cultures, cultures treated with EGCG showed increased hair follicle elongation, increased hair growth, and stronger proliferation of dermal papilla cells.

The researchers also found specific chemical changes that promoted hair growth in the samples treated with EGCG.

Have problems with scalp and dandruff?

According to a 2007 study conducted by Dr. Stephen Hsu of the Medical College of Georgia, green tea shows promise in treating both psoriasis and its more common cousin, dandruff.

There are also evidence that green tea is a great source of panthenol. Panthenol, or pro-vitamin B, has long been used as a conditioner. It softens and strengthens hair, and keeps split ends from forming.

Further green tea hair benefits can be found at

Green Tea and Hair Growth - Cure for Hairloss and Baldness?

Again, choosing the right product is important. Here are four tips on how to buy a quality product for daily use and hair treatment.

Green Tea Shampoo Buyers Guide - For Hair Treatment and Daily Use

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If you are looking to harness the benefits of green tea skin care, make sure you use products that contain significant amounts of it.

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