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Which are the best white tea skin care products? Are you looking for a facial toner, scrub, cleanser and body wash?

Why should you include white tea in your skin care routine?

White tea has all the same benefits of green tea (click for green tea’s benefits for skin). Even better, because it is less processed, it has more of the good stuff, like polyphenols.

However, as with any skin care product, it’s “buyer beware” in the cosmetics aisle. Many companies will try to imply that their products contain the skin-soothing antioxidant properties of white tea in a bottle, when in fact there are only trace amounts of tea.

When choosing a white tea skin care product, make sure to read the label and follow the same guidelines that you would if you were choosing a green tea skin care product.

Click to read more information about how to evaluate tea skin care products.

To help get you started in the right path, here are some of the best green tea products available online today.

White Tea Skin Care Product #1:
Best Toner - Kiss My Face - Organic Balancing Act Facial Toner

This toner lists an herbal infusion containing white tea at position #3 on the list.

The anti-bacterial properties of white tea, orange , grapefruit and witch hazel should pack a powerful punch on acne-prone skin. White tea is a powerful anti-inflammatory compound and the toner also contains aloe, lemon balm and algae extract to soothe inflammation.

Although it will help clear up your complexion, you can use this toner without having to worry about irritating your skin.

Even better, there are no harmful ingredients and Skin Deep rates it a 2, which is a low hazard rating.

White Tea Skin Care Product #2:
Best Scrub - Ayelet17 Skin Care - Gentle Cleansing Facial Scrub with Rosehip

Sometimes, the best skin care products don’t come from a major cosmetic company.

The Ayelet17 Skin Care scrub sold on Etsy.com contains a wonderful combination of natural and non-toxic ingredients.

With white tea extract and pomegranate to provide potent antioxidants, gentle sugar to exfoliate and oatmeal and white willow extract to soothe, this white tea skin product is the best scrub I have found.

White Tea Skin Care Product #3:
Best Facial Cleanser - Korres - White Tea Facial Fluid Cleanser

White tea extract is the number one ingredient in this facial cleanser. Other ingredients include oat proteins, vitamin F, minerals and glycerin.

That’s all, folks! This is a very simple cleanser. Even Skin Deep rates it as a 2, a low hazard. The white tea and oats together should provide a nice soothing combination to calm down irritated skin.



White Tea Skin Care Product #4:
Best Body Wash - Giovanni Cosmetics- Cleanse Body Wash Cassifluer White Tea

This body wash has green tea listed at # 5 on the ingredient list. Not bad.

Even better, there are no sulfates, parabens or other noxious ingredients. Although this product is not listed in Skin Deep, most of the ingredients checked out. The only possible concern is Cocamidopropyl Betaine, which some people may be allergic to and could potentially be contaminated with nitrosamines. Otherwise, the ingredients are great.

Red clover, calendula and echinacea will all work with white tea to soothe and tone skin and reduce breakouts. This product would probably be an excellent alternative to those benzoyl peroxide body washes. Even the fragrance for this cleanser is made from essential oils!

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