Green Tea Facial Care Review
Beauty Mask and Skin Cleanser

An unbiased review of three popular green tea facial care products: an anti-wrinkle collagen line filler, a cleansing lotion and a facial masque.

There are many products on the market today that claim to harness the power of green tea to improve your complexion.

Green tea is known to have positive effects on facial skin: it can clear up acne, its potent cocktail of antioxidants neutralizes free radicals, and it rejuvenates old skin cells, possibly helping to slow the aging process.

For a complete list of the ways that green tea can benefit your skin, read Green Tea Skin Benefits - 7 Facts You Can't Ignore.

Does that mean every green tea skin care product is going to help your skin? Not really. Many green tea facial care products don’t keep their promises.

Any time you are shopping for cosmetics, you have to remember that the cosmetic companies are trying to make money off of you. Being a smart consumer means reading labels, and maybe even doing a little bit of research before you shell out your hard-earned cash.

At the very least, you should always turn the bottle over and read the ingredients. For more information on what to look for, read Green Tea Cream - 5 Things To Watch Out For In Label .

There are so many green tea products available, everything from masques and cleansers to wrinkle reduction creams. Let’s take a look at a few popular green tea facial products and see what we can uncover.

Green Tea Facial Care #1:
Sudden Change Green Tea Collagen Line Filler

This product was developed with the help of Dr. Stephen Hsu, a noted green tea researcher. So, I had high hopes. The advertising for the product claimed to attack wrinkles three ways: hyaluronic spheres, marine collagen, and light diffusers.

The hyaluronic spheres and the light diffusers were supposed to reduce the immediate appearance of wrinkles, and the marine collagen was supposed to have a more permanent effect.

Green tea polyphenols were there to improve overall texture. The advertising also stated that if you didn’t notice a difference in 7 days, you could get your money back.

The product arrived at my house, and I immediately turned over the label to read the ingredients. Hmmm…green tea is number 13 on the list.

There are also a bunch of long, synthetic-sounding chemicals. Of course, not all synthetic ingredients are harmful. Time to consult Skin Deep. Skin Deep did not have this particular product listed, so I plugged in the ingredients one by one. The following came up as potential hazards:

  • Cetereath-20 - either a moderate or a high hazard depending on the product

  • PEG-10 Rapeseed Sterol - a moderate hazard

  • Disodium EDTA - a moderate hazard

  • Triethanolamine - a high hazard

  • Propylene glycol - a moderate hazard

  • Diazolidinyl urea - a moderate hazard

  • Methylparaben and propylparaben, also moderate hazards

In the interest of science, I tried Sudden Change on my face anyway. It smelled nice, at least.

I applied it around the corners of my eyes, where I can see the beginning of crow’s feet. I noticed some slight irritation, and no change in said crow’s feet after a week’s time. I did notice that the area under and around my eyes appeared smoother than usual with make-up on, but there was no real change.

I returned the product, and received $10 credited back to my credit card. However, if you're thinking of trying this product, you should be aware that the money back guarantee does not cover shipping. All in all, I’m afraid I can’t recommend this product.

Green Tea Facial Care #2:
Aubrey’s Organics - Green Tea & Ginkgo Facial Cleansing Lotion

This product looks promising.

It is hard to find a cleanser that doesn’t contain some type of harsh detergent, like sodium lauryl sulfate. This cleanser doesn’t have any of that stuff - just regular corn soap.

With its gentle ingredients, Skin Deep gave it a 2.

Green tea is toward the end of the ingredient list, however. You would probably want to follow up with a good green tea-based moisturizer.

Green Tea Facial Care #3:
Bella Lucce - Sea Kelp & Green Tea Masque

I love using a facial masque as part of my beauty routine. My skin feels so soft and clean afterwards!

This masque has sea kelp and green tea, along with oatmeal and aloe. Although it’s not been evaluated by Skin Deep, it doesn’t have any parabens or other nasty ingredients.

It is also a dry masque, so you can mix it with milk, lemon juice, yogurt…whatever you think would be best for your skin.

Tea is low on the list of ingredients, the 3rd from the bottom. However, you could always rehydrate with more green tea!

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