Green Tea Shampoo Review
Organic and Harmful Brands Revealed

What does a review of four green tea shampoo brands say about the organic standard of their ingredients?

In the Shampoo Buyers Guide article, we discuss the factors to consider when buying a quality tea shampoo. In this article, I will apply the criteria to some of the more popular shampoo products on the market today.

Tea Shampoo #1:
Alberto VO5 - Tea Therapy Smoothing Shampoo with Healthful Green Tea

Surely since the word “Tea” is repeated twice in the product name, it must be a good buy, right? Remember, when shopping for shampoo, first impressions mean little.

Turn the bottle over and read the label on the back, and you’ll see green tea doesn’t show up until position #8.

By the time you come to “green tea” on the ingredients list, you’ve already read that the shampoo contains sodium lauryl and sodium laureth sulfate. Read on, and you’ll see propylene glycol as well as that infamous generic “fragrance.”

The Skin Deep database gives this product a “6”, so it’s also a moderate hazard.

It’s labeled for normal to dry hair, and while green tea and panthenol are good conditioning agents, their conditioning properties could prove be negated by all of the harsh detergents. This is an example of “buyer beware!”

Green Tea Shampoo #2:
Rusk Sensories - Green Tea and Alfalfa Shampoo

Rusk Sensories sounds wholesome and natural, right? Wrong...if you turn it over and read the back, you’ll see that green tea extract doesn’t appear in the ingredients list until about halfway down the label, at position #9.

However, the second ingredient in the list is ammonium lauryl sulfate. This shampoo also contains propylene glycol and generic “fragrance”, which often contains harmful petrochemicals. Skin Deep gives it a 6, meaning that it’s a moderate hazard.

This shampoo is intended for fine or “lazy” hair.

While the green tea and the wheat protein could help strengthen hair and make it appear thicker, there are also other products out there that will give you more green tea and better quality, safer ingredients for your money.

Green Tea Shampoo #3:
Aubrey Organics - Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo

How much green tea does it contain? The Organic green tea extract is number 3 on the list, pretty close to the top.

The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database gives this shampoo a score of 2, which means that it is a very low hazard. There is so sodium lauryl sulfate, no petrochemicals and no parabens.

This shampoo is described as “clarifying,” so it is geared towards customers with oily hair. Lemon peel oil combined with the natural soap should help remove oil from hair and scalp.

The green tea extract and aloe vera will also help soothe and condition the scalp so that it doesn’t go into overdrive producing more oils to compensate.

All in all, this would be a good green tea shampoo for someone with a naturally oily scalp.

Green Tea Shampoo #4:
Solay Shine - Green Tea Natural Shampoo

How much green tea does it contain? This time, the organic green tea extract is the number 1 ingredient on the label.

Skin Deep rates it as a 1, the lowest hazard rating possible. There is no sodium lauryl sulfate, petrochemicals, or parabens.

Solay Shine Shampoo is recommended for those with dandruff and itchy scalps.

In addition to the green tea, the ingredients include nourishing oils such as coconut, palm and jojoba. Since a dry scalp makes dandruff worse, the oils in this product should work along with the green tea to condition the scalp and reduce flakiness.

This shampoo would be an excellent, non-carcinogenic alternative to typical dandruff shampoos.


For further information, visit the Feierabend Organic Skin Care Shop, which offers a variety of organic skin care products that utilize green Tea, white tea & rooibos tea.

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