Oolong Tea Anti-Obesity Benefit
Reduce Belly Fat and Cholesterols

A 2001 Japanese study found that oolong tea anti-obesity benefits can rejuvenate your body.
oolong tea anti obesity

According to a study conducted by Masatoshi Nakano, drinking oolong tea takes 2 years off the internal organs' age.

12 healthy adults aged between 18 to 39 participated in the study. For one month, they drank at least 1 litre of oolong tea a day and no water.

Regular blood samples were collected for testing.

Using various indicators, such as cholesterol level, blood sugar level and liver activity, the researchers were able to calculate the age of the internal organs.

Professor Yasuharu Mitomo found that the internal organs of the participants were rejuvenated by an average of 2 years and a maximum of 9 years.

A woman aged 29 observed the greatest benefit.

Her cholesterol level fell from 206 to 157, while her LDL (bad) cholesterol fell from 137 to 98. Her internal-organ age dropped from 38 to her actual age of 29.

"Although I want to see more results in 3 months or so, the dramatic improvement in these figures over such a short period of time is extremely interesting," Mitomo said.

Out of the 11 participants, 9 experienced 2 centimeters reduction in their waist size and 8 experienced 2 centimeters reduction in their upper arms.

This study was conducted jointly by Aichi Medical University Institute and Nagoya City University in 2001.

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