Oolong Tea For Fat Loss
An Ideal Weight Watcher

A 2007 study shows why drinking oolong tea for fat loss can be an effective weight maintenance strategy.
oolong tea for fat loss

A study conducted by Dr. Lauren Budd and her colleagues in University of California found that consuming oolong tea can cut weight gain by a whopping 66%.

For 10 weeks, rats that can become spontaneously obese on a normal diet were given as much normal food as they wanted to eat.

They were divided into 3 separate groups:

  • Without oolong tea

  • Dried oolong tea extract (equivalent to about 6 cups a day)

  • Dried oolong tea extract (equivalent to about 12 cups a day)

Budd found that rats on the normal diet without oolong tea gained 120 grams each.

But rats on a normal diet with the oolong tea gained much less weight.

Those on 6 cups a day gained 40 grams. Those on 12 cups gained 20 grams.

Furthermore, tea-treated rats gained less body fat and triglycerides, the most common form of fat that exists in the body.

They gained just 12% to 20% body fat, compared to 35% for rats with no tea in their diet.

Their blood concentrations of triglycerides fats were 80% lower.

According to the authors, oolong tea leaves contain saponins, waxy substances that may block the absorption of dietary fat.

Saponins may cause the dietary fat to move through the gut without being absorbed.

The study suggests that drinking oolong tea can help lose weight.

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Lauren Elyse Budd, Judith S Stern, Robert M Hackman, Seung-Jin Ma and Hyunju Choi. Oolong Tea Reduces Food Intake, Body Weight, and Body Fat in Spontaneously Obese Rats. The FASEB Journal. 2007;21:842.7.

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