Oolong Tea Weight Loss Study
How It Works

A 1999 oolong tea weight loss study suggests how oolong tea (wulong tea) may help lose weight.
oolong tea weight loss study

It is well known that oolong tea can help you lose weight by burning more calories.

A 1999 study conducted by Ehime University in Japan suggests two additional ways on how it may help lose weight.

Laboratory rats were fed a high fat diet for 10 weeks. They drank either oolong tea or water.

Researchers found that although rats drinking oolong tea consumed the same amount of food, they did not suffer from obesity and fat liver.

They concluded that oolong tea promotes weight loss through the following mechanisms:

Fat Burning

Lipolysis is a process where fat (called triglyceride) in fat cells is broken down to supply energy to other parts of the body.

Oolong tea burns fat by stimulating lipolysis.

Fat Absorption

The digestive enzyme lipase breaks down the fatty substance in our diet so that our intestines can absorb them easily.

Oolong tea blocks the action of lipase and reduces the absorption of dietary fat.

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Han LK, Takaku T, Li J, Kimura Y, Okuda H (1999). Anti-obesity action of oolong tea. International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders. 1999 Jan;23(1):98-105.

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