Bone China Teapot Vs Brown Betty
Which Is Better?

Which is better, a fancy bone china teapot or a plain old Brown Betty? The answer may surprise you!

For many people, a bone china teapot is the ideal teapot.

As you can see from the picture on the right, these teapots are attractive. They come in a range of delicate patterns and glazes, and some can become valuable collector's items.

In many ways, they are the polar opposite of the other quintessential British teapot, the Brown Betty.

As the name suggests, the Brown Betty is covered in a simple dark brown glaze. Brown Bettys are also usually less expensive than bone china.

But which performs better: The aristocratic bone china teapot or the working class Brown Betty?

What's the Difference?

The differences in the two types of teapots go beyond looks.

Bone china is a type of porcelain made with bone ash. It was developed in Britain in the 18th century as British manufacturers sought to imitate porcelain teapots from China. This type of china has a delicate, almost translucent white finish that belies its strength.

A Brown Betty teapot is an plain brown earthenware pot. An authentic pot is made of a special type of red clay that can only be found in the Bradell Woods near Stoke-on-Trent, England.

This clay is known for its ability to retain heat, an important characteristic in a teapot. It also has a traditional, round-bellied design that gives the tea leaves room to swirl around in the hot water.

Which Performs Better?

So, which of these iconic teapots is the better performer? Actually, tea connoisseurs often prefer the humble Brown Betty!

The secret is in the special, dense red clay. Because the clay is so resistant to thermal shock, Brown Betty pots keep tea warmer for longer than china teapots do.

Additionally, over time they become seasoned, absorbing tea flavor and aroma that enhances the taste of subsequent batches.

They also tend to be less expensive than bone china - although it depends on who makes the bone china teapot and on the quality of the china.

How to Buy

However, if you are shopping for a Brown Betty teapot, beware of cheap imitations! On, many of the reviews mentioned that the teapots were very fragile. The teapots for sale there still got good reviews overall, but they seem to vary in quality.

If possible, try to shop for a Brown Betty pot in person rather than online. It should say "Made in England", it should be put together well, and it should feel heavy for its size.

If you can't find an authentic Brown Betty, don't settle for a cheap imitation.

Even though authentic Brown Betty teapots usually beat bone china, you are probably better off buying a good bone china tea pot with a nice round belly and getting a cozy for it then you would be if you bought an imitation Brown Betty.

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