Copper Tea Kettle Review
Revere Vs Simplex

How to buy a copper tea kettle? We consider two top-selling brands. Revere is a best value buy. Simplex a is stylish looking handcrafted English kettle.

A copper kettle can be an attractive, functional addition to your kitchen, as long as you choose the right model. They are prized because copper conducts heat readily, so water boils faster in a copper tea kettle than in one made from another material, such as stainless steel.

They can and should be used only on medium heat, not high heat. Because they boil water faster with less heat, they also use less energy, making them more environmentally friendly. Plus, they have a gorgeous color and many copper tea kettles have elegant, antique-looking designs.

The downside of a copper kettle is that they do require maintenance to keep that bright, flashy appearance. In addition to the financial investment, prepare to invest time polishing them as well.

Which copper tea kettle is right for you? We reviewed two of the top-selling models on to give you a taste of what’s available.

Best Value: Revere - Revere 2-1/3-Quart Whistling Tea Kettle

There is a good chance that your mother or grandmother had one of these kettles. The Revere Copper Bottom Tea Kettle is not particularly fancy, but it scores big points for value and nostalgia.

At just $23, it is quite affordable. This kettle has a copper bottom to take advantage of copper’s heat conduction benefits, but a stainless steel body keeps down cost and required maintenance.

The Revere kettle is built to last, although some people feel that older versions of the kettle were more durable, They still provide a one-year warranty against defects.

The kettle heats water quickly and easily, and most reviewers agreed that the whistle is loud enough to be heard even if you leave the kitchen. However, there were some recurring complaints throughout the reviews.

First of all, users complained that the kettle is difficult to clean. There’s no lid, so you fill it through the spout. You can clean the inside by pouring in vinegar to dissolve deposits, but you can’t really get inside the kettle and scrub.

Also, some reviewers complained that the handle got uncomfortably hot to the touch, even though it is supposed to stay cool. All in all, though, this is a good tea pot for the money.

Simplex Heritage 2 Quart Tea Kettle

Instead of just having a copper bottom like the Revere tea kettle, this tea kettle is solid copper.

Each Simplex Copper Tea Kettle is handcrafted in England, and you can see from the elegant design that the company takes pride in its workmanship. The handle is wood, so you can pick it up off of your stove without burning yourself.

Reviewers report that the whistle is loud enough to keep you from forgetting about the kettle if you leave it on the stove and walk away. The spout pours without dripping. They were also impressed with the sturdiness and durability of this tea kettle.

The only drawback was the amount of maintenance required. Since it is solid copper, the exterior does need to be polished every week or so to keep it looking nice.

At $119, this kettle isn’t cheap. However, if you don’t mind polishing it regularly, it is a nice luxury treat for someone who wants a stylish copper kettle that functions well and looks great in the kitchen.

Simplex Tea Kettle - Best Whistling Copper?

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