Green Tea Elixir Supplement - Versus Drinking Green Tea

by Tommy
(Van Nuys, California)

How does Green Tea Elixir or supplements measure up to drinking green tea? Specifically the IVL Green Tea Elixir.


Tommy, there are good and bad teas, just as there are good and bad supplements. A rule of thumb is that a high quality loose green tea should contain about 100 milligrams of catechins or 50 milligram of EGCG per gram.

Taking a superficial look at the label of Green Tea Elixir, you can see it doesn't impress in term of its green tea content.

One serving contains 200 milligrams of Leaf Extract, of which EGCG is only 30% (i.e. 60 milligrams).

Now compare that with one serving of Chinese Longjing tea. 3 grams of leaves should give you 150 milligrams of EGCG.

Of course, this supplement contains other herbs such as hibiscus and rose hips so we are not comparing like with like.

I hope this brief comparison helps. Further information about choosing a tea extract to buy can be found at

Green Tea Extract

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Jul 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

I would like to read the label before I buy.

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