Green Tea Leaves Vs Extract Gel Caps Supplement

by David Fyvie
(Sch'dy, N.Y., U.S.A.)

I'm hearing very negative things about the green tea extract caps & caplets supplements. On a more positive note I hear the best or most beneficial tea leaves are "fresh plucked" baked dry @ a low (200 degrees) temperature & stored in zip-lock plastic bags & then freshly put into those tea bells/balls for steeping? Does any of this make sense to you?

David, nice picture! Thank you for visiting.

Both statements are true in their own context, I will try to put the "if" and "but" around them.

There are good and bad green tea extract capsules, just like there are good and bad teas. The difference is that tea capsules are more open to abuse. Consumers who overdose on bad products are more likely to suffer from toxicity.

These products will get better with them as new patented processes come through. Their advantages are that they can be cost effective, combined with a herbal blend (say for weight loss), high potency and decaffeinated.

I am in the process of reviewing them ...

Green Tea Extract

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For a tea lover like myself, nothing beats a nice hot cup of tea. Green tea leaves are recommended for long term consumption.

The highest quality green tea leaves are made from very young tea buds grown in high altitude, harvested 2 to 3 weeks a year, and handpicked and handharvested using traditional methods.

They contain very high concentration of unoxidised catechins and is extremely vulnerable to degradation. HQ's Dragon Well tea, for example, is stored below freezing point in sealed polyfoil packages. Even Ziploc bag is not good enough because they leak around the edges.

Dragon Well tea - Best Green Tea?

I hope I have answered your question? Keep in touch ahd have a great summer ahead!

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