Green Tea Supplement Overdose - How Much?

by Dianne

I've been taking anywhere from 1000-2000 mgs/daily of green tea capsules for approximately 2 months now. I recently had blood work done and was astonished to discover the area where blood was taken bruised the next day. I've never had this happen before.

I understand that green tea is an anticoagulant so it is advisable to inform your doctor you are taking it, particularly before a major surgery. It is recommended dosage should actually cease before actual surgeries.

I will now play with the dosage I'm taking, lowering it, to see if this makes a difference in my blood flow and bruising, but am wondering what your opinion on the subject? How much is too much green tea supplement?

Are there other side affects known that are worth mentioning, and that you could share, which I haven't discovered on my own yet? I also read excessive green tea extract could cause liver and kidney damage, but no article mentioned what "excessive dosage" was exactly.

Do you know how much is considered too much, and for how long? I enjoy the energy boost the dosage I now take gives me, and planned on taking this dosage forever, but am now wondering the dangers of what my doing so may produce. I would appreciate any insight anyone else has on the topic. Thanks.


Dianne, I am not in any way medically qualified. I will make some suggestions below, please consult your doctor before you make any decision.

Consuming too much green tea can give rise to side effects. These side effects can be classified into 3 types:

- Those related to caffeine
- Those related to EGCG (i.e. pregnancy risk)
- Those related to supplements

The full list of side effects can be found here

Green Tea Side Effects

Supplement side effects are considered separately because it depends not just on tea, but whatever that get added on top during the manufacturing process.

- The quality of extract, which can depend on the processings involved, such as the use of chemical solvents, and the quality of the tea leaves (whether is it herbicide and fluoride free etc)

- The inclusion of other herbs and their quality

- Whether the extract contains caffeine

Read Green Tea Supplements Side Effects for further information.

1000 to 2000 milligrams of green tea extract is a lot to consume a day. But this is not the main point. What is important is to understand that the quality of your green tea supplement matters.

There are not too many mention of what's too much EGCG to consume because it is usually well tolerated during human trials. This probably reflects the fact that it is water soluble and so just gets excreted if there is too much.

On the other hand, studies conducted on test tube did observe that too much EGC can cause cancer. It is wise not to over-consume.

Personally, I regard consumption of 300 to 700 milligrams of catechins or EGCG as being safe. This is not the same as "green tea extract", as this word can mean anything. Such extract can be low potency.

The article below outline what to look for in a good green tea supplement.

Green Tea Supplements

I would suggest you speak to your doctor as you are taking a lot of supplement capsules and having a medical condition.

I hope my reply helps.

Comments for Green Tea Supplement Overdose - How Much?

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Feb 03, 2010
Too much green tea
by: Anonymous

I have started drinking hot green tea instead of coffee. I drink anywhere from 2 to 4 cups a morning.

This morning I became very dizzy, lite headed and sick feeling. I ate a banana and it helped. I also took a one a day energy vitamin. Do you think mixing the two made me feel dizzy and sick? Also I experience extreme dry mouth from drinking the tea. Is it better than drinking coffee?

Feb 03, 2010
by: Julian

I am not sure, but it may be green tea is causing nausea, check out the article below:

Green Tea and Nausea

Sep 29, 2010
Green tea
by: Anonymous

Green tea capsules is not known to cause side affects. If a person has side affects it's because they could be allergic to something in the green tea capsules.

Also capsules,tinctures, and liquid/powder extracts, are different from drinking the tea itself.

One should be careful about taking herbal capsules with regular medications. Sometimes taking prescription medications with herbal capsules could cause an affect. It's like if you were taking bilberry capsules and combined it with your simvastatin medication. It could cause an affect.

If one wants knowledge about how to use the herbal remedies they should go to an herbal specialist. They will be able to tell you what herbs to take, and if it could be taken with your prescription meds.

If you're not taking any prescription meds, but you're taking aspirins or tylenol or any other over the counter pill, it could affect you combined with herbal capsules.

If you're not taking any type of pills, then maybe you're taking too much of the stuff or have an allergic reaction.

For example, if you take the herb buplerum for long periods of time, it could cause some minor side affects. That's why it's important to go to an herbalist.

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Green Tea Capsules - How Much Daily?

by Rhonda
(Louisville, Ky.)

I take 6 capsules of green tea 315mg. It has 25mg of hoodia (leaf) 650mg of daily value.

Other ingredients include maltodextrin, gelatin, silica, vegetable magnesiumstearate. Is this a sufficient amount to get good results healthwise?


Rhonda, 650 milligrams of green tea extract is sufficient for most people. Do you mind me asking how much is the recommended daily dosage on your product? If possible, I would recommend you stick to the recommended amount and avoid exceeding.

The key is to understand what the level of catechins or EGCG the green tea capsules contain. A lot of products say they contain green tea, but this is not the same as EGCG or catechins themselves.

what you really want are catechins and EGCG, standardised to the same composition as the real tea. You also want to buy from a reputable manufacturer.

Further information about how to buy a green tea extract can be found at

Green Tea Extract
Diet Pills, Capsules and Tablets
- 5 Different Types Compared

I hope this helps.


Comments for Green Tea Capsules - How Much Daily?

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Dec 18, 2008
Green Tea
by: rhonda

I don't know the recommended amount per day.

Dec 19, 2008
by: Julian

Rhonda, does the package not say how much green tea is recommended a day? It is best not to exceed the recommended dosage.

Mar 25, 2011
The bare truth about almost every thing
by: Anonymous

The Irish lived on nothing but potatoes, and did okey, many asians live on almost nothing but rice daily for most of their lives and do okay.

Almost everything in some moderation is good for you, and likewise in excess, is not.

The bottem line is this. Eat too much, get fat, not good.

Eat what your body needs and keep you body fat ratio down, and you will mostly do okay.

Oct 14, 2016
Green Tea
by: David

I have been taking green tea tablets for 14 years. I consume 2,175 mg daily. Since I have been taking them my cancer cll has been in check

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Green Tea Capsules Versus Tea Leaves and How Much?

by Richard
(Baton Rouge, Los Angeles)

Would taking green tea capsules be just as good as using green tea leaves? If so how many milligrams are needed per day? Thank you very much.


Richard, personally I recommend drinking the beverage. However, there may be some people who prefer taking green tea capsules, because they like the convenience, is extremely sensitive to caffeine or for other reasons.

Beverage is preferred because tea extract is a processed product, and so it is more likely to use inferior leaves. The problems for most consumers is that there is no way to tell the good from the bad (unlike tea beverage), and you are much more likely to overdose.

Tea Supplements Vs Beverage
Pros and Cons

When deciding how much to take, my advice is to follow the manufacturer's instruction, because every product is different.

To give you some guidelines, many health benefits associated with green tea are observed in the Far East, where people drink 3 cups of tea a day. Three cups of high quality tea (which are unlike those drunk in the West contains young tea buds) contains about 300 milligrams of catechins. So a daily intake of 300 to 600 milligrams a day sound reasonable.

My Tea Shop currently features three high grade green tea made from young tea shoots harvested in spring. It is worth a look.

Chinese Tea Shop

Further information about tea extract can be found at

Green Tea Extract - Diet Pills, Capsules and Tablets

I hope this helps.

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