Children Tea Set Review
Five Miniature Gift Ideas

How to buy children tea set for your kids. Five popular miniature tea sets for boys and girls.

Many little girls love having pretend “tea parties” with their dolls and stuffed animals. “Playing pretend” is a great way for kids to exercise their imaginations and creativity.

When choosing a tea set for a child, it is important to consider the child’s age, as well as their likes and dislikes.

Also, if your child will actually be eating off of or drinking out of their tea set, make sure that all the materials are food safe and FDA-approved.

A younger child will need a tea set made out of something unbreakable like plastic, while an older child might be able to handle a tea set made out of porcelain.

Tea sets for children come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns, so you can probably find one that features your child’s favorite cartoon characters or animals.

Children Tea Set Idea #1:
Butterfly Tea Set Basket

For example, if your little girl likes butterflies, she’ll probably love this Butterfly Tea Set Basket .

This small tea set has everything she will need to take her favorite dolls on a picnic! If your child wants to serve a real tea, however, you should be aware that most of the reviewers thought it was just a little bit too small.

Children Tea Set Idea #2:
Adorable Ballet Ballerina Dance Miniature Tea Set

If your daughter wants to be a ballerina when she grows up, this adorable Ballet Ballerina Dance Miniature Tea Set would make a great gift, too.

This miniature tea set also has its own carrying case. It is ceramic, so make sure your daughter is old enough not break it. Although it is a miniature tea set, you can serve real tea in it if you like since it is FDA-approved.

Children Tea Set Idea #3:
Children's Luxury Full-Service Porcelain Tea Party Set in Wicker Carry Case

This Full-Service Porcelain Tea Party Set would be a great choice for a real tea party. It comes with a carrying case, and customers who have purchased it say that although it is porcelain, it is extremely durable.

Children Tea Set Idea #4:
Green Toy Tea Set

For a young environmentalist, this plastic Green Toys Tea Set is another option. The tea set is made from recycled milk cartons, but is doesn’t have any phthalates or BPA to make parents worried.

Plus, it is FDA-approved, so your child can eat off of the plates and drink out of the cups without being exposed to anything harmful.

Children Tea Set Idea #5:
Schylling Summer Bug Tin Tea Set

For little kids who can’t safely use porcelain or ceramic set, this Summer Bug Tin Tea Set by Schylling would be a lot of fun. This tea set is made of tin, and it is great for having “pretend” teas.

Don’t try to use actual liquid, though-some parent’s noted that the tea set leaks and rusts when exposed to water.


Why is a tea set a great gift for a child? So many toys today encourage children to play passively rather than using their imaginations.

For example, in video games, everything is already planned for the child to discover as they play through the game. Video games are fun, and they can help develop coordination and problem-solving skills, but they don’t allow children to create their own stories.

With a tea set, your child gets to create her own story, and that helps develop creativity.

Also, if you can encourage your child to fall in love with tea at an early age, you will be helping them build a healthy habit that will last a lifetime!

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