Catechins Extract
10 Green Tea Diet Pills Reviewed

Which is the best catechins extract? This article reviews 10 popular green tea diet pills.

Catechins Extract #1:
Super Green Tea

Nature’s Bounty, manufacturer of Super Green Tea Diet, is the largest producer of vitamins, minerals, food supplements, beauty aids and health products in the US.

The Super Green Tea Diet program is a combination of a weight loss supplement with a reduced calorie diet and daily exercise plan (included in each box).

This well-rounded program helps to kick off any weight loss program by demonstrating the importance of eating right and exercising.

A quick search over the net reveals several customer reports of upset stomach and other side effects, which are a cause of concern.

Another concern is the chance that the product may contain pesticides and/or herbicides. In addition, the green tea extract may be low potency, as we do not know for sure how much EGCG each capsule contains.

Super Green Tea Diet - Should You Play It Safe?

Catechins Extract #2:
Shogun Green Tea

According to the Green Foods website, manufacturer of Shogun Green Tea, "Shogun Imperial Green Tea is a chewable tablet form of green tea that offers superior nutrition because it contains a tablet form of very finely ground whole green tea leaves."

However, there is one problem.

Green tea chlorophyll and catechins are extremely sensitive to oxidation. Most matchas expire within 6 months from the date of manufacture.

The serving size of 6 tablets provides only 110 milligrams of catechins and 6 milligrams of chlorophyll. This is an excellent chewing gum replacer, but should not be taken as a substitute for a quality cup of tea.

To put this into perspective, according to the 2007 USDA Study, 1 gram of green tea leaves brewed in 100 milliliters of hot water contains 127 milligrams of catechins.

Shogun Green Tea Tablets Versus Cup Of Tea And Salad?

Catechins Extract #3:
Applied Nutrition Green Tea

Applied Nutrition's website is well designed and helpful, but drill down further, you will find that they give little about themselves away. Who are they? It doesn't say.

The same lack of transparency applies to the products. Confusingly, Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner has two blends. The more widely available formula contains 500 micrograms of Chromium. The other herbal blend does not.

Quite possibly the hottest green tea fat burner on sale now, Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner has attracted a lot of attention. There is no lack of customer reviews and feedback to understand its impact.

Given that this is a liquid gel capsule, which Applied Nutrition claims is faster acting, I would expect this product to be superior. But a glance at the product label shows something is missing.

Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner Review

Catechins Extract #3:
Mega-T Green Tea

According to CCA Industries, manufacturer of Mega-T Green Tea Extract supplements, their products work "around the clock to help your metabolism use calories for energy instead of storing them as fat".

They also promise that "over a period of time, you can lose up to 20lbs if you follow our enclosed diet plan to eat less and exercise properly".

Each capsule contains 600 milligrams of green tea and other herbal extract.

The diet and exercise plan that Mega-T Green Tea suggests is indicative of steady, slow, healthy weight loss that will give the desired result.

However, the quality and potency of the product in question leaves me to wonder if it is the safest or most effective green tea supplement on the market.

Mega-T Green Tea Extract Pills Review - Can You Tell For Real?

Catechins Extract #5:
Hoodia 500 Green Tea

According to one clinical trial, Hoodia can help suppress your appetite and reduce your caloric intake by 40%. Combine that with a healthy fat burner such as green tea, and you have a killer combination that can help you slim down drastically - with little or no effort.

According to dietary supplement manufacturer Maximum International, Maximize Hoodia 500 Green Tea contains the following:

  • South African Hoodia Gordonii Succulent Complex 500 mg

  • Green Tea Extract 50% polyphenols 100 mg

However, there is a catch. Active Hoodia ingredient P57, which is mainly responsible for Hoodia's appetite suppressing effect, is found only in the Hoodia gordonii species.

So the quality of green tea aside, there is real question mark over whether this product contains any significant amount of P57.

Hoodia 500 Green Tea - Is This For Real?

Catechins Extract #6:
Body Ecology Diet Green Tea

The Body Ecology Diet (BED, for short) is not just a brand that happens to sell a few natural products. This is a complete system designed by an alternative therapist who has "done it all" before.

Natural health expert Donna Gates wrote ‘The Body Ecology Diet’ when conventional medicine failed her, compelling her to try to heal her own candida-related health problems.

The cultured food diet is a "back to basic" approach designed to help the good bacteria in your body flourish. It treats digestive ailments, and has considerable success in dealing with candidiasis and other immune system disorders.

One 2-ounce bottle of Body Ecology Green Tea Concentrates contains 1,800 drops of green tea extract. To make your cup of tea, mix 20 drops of the liquid concentrates with 8 ounces of water.

One cup of tea is said to contain 100 milligrams of polyphenols.

However, although it is comforting to know that Body Ecology Diet has a product that contains little or no fluoride and heavy metals, they have not revealed how much EGCG the liquid concentrates contain.

Body Ecology Diet - Green Tea Extract Concentrates Review

Catechins Extract #7:
Schiff Green Tea Diet

Tea nutrition supplements are not regulated by the FDA. If you want to use a brand you can trust, then you must start with a reputable manufacturer.

The Schiff brand is owned by Schiff Nutrition Group, which is based in Salt Lake City. They have been developing and selling vitamins and nutritional supplement products worldwide for the last 60 years.

Each tablet of Schiff Green Tea Diet contains 135 milligrams of EGCG and 75 milligrams of caffeine, plus a dose of chromium for appetite suppressing effects.

Overall, this looks like a decent product with clear labeling by a reputable manufacturer. The only downside is that it is not guaranteed to be pesticide and herbicide free.

Schiff Green Tea Diet - Advantages and Disadvantages

Catechins Extract #8:

Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) is a Canadian based company specializing in the production of nutraceuticals. Dr. Traj Nibber founded the company after trying and failing to find credibility and quality amongst existing dietary supplement companies.

They have been in business for over 10 years. It is a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified company. Their aim is to produce highly efficient supplements through the use of research and are able to back their products with scientific literature.

AOR EGCG Max recommends taking one capsule a day, which is equivalent to drinking 6 grams of high quality loose tea. Assuming 3 grams of tea can be infused 3 times to make 3 cups of tea, this is equivalent to 6 cups a day.

Although 6 cups a day may not sound a lot, remember you are talking about Japanese Sencha tea, not a tea bag or flavored tea. Compared to other similar products in the market, I consider it highly potent.

If you are looking for a high potency product containing all four catechins and a small amount of caffeine, then EGCG Max is a good choice. In fact, I prefer it to 100% pure EGCG as tea compounds are more powerful when they are taken together.

The product is not herbicide free. But at one capsule a day over a few months, it is unlikely to cause any problems.

AOR EGCG Max - Potent Green Tea Catechins Or Not?

Catechins Extract #9:
Sunphenon Green Tea Extract

Taiyo, the company that discovered L-theanine, has developed a range of green tea supplement products with standardized amounts of EGCG and other polyphenols.

The Sunphenon brand has been around for years, and is often used in scientific studies on the effects of green tea polyphenols.

In this article, I introduce four green tea extracts marketed under the Sunphenon brand.

Sunphenon Green Tea Extract Review

Catechins Extract #10:
Teavigo EGCG Extract

The manufacturer, DSM Nutritional, is the grand-daddy of the supplement world. Formerly known as the Roche Vitamins and Fine Chemicals Division, the Swiss company has been making vitamins since 1935.

According to DSM, Teavigo provides the best of green tea in its purest form with a minimum of 94% purity on a dry basis! Made with the highest safety standard, this is the only green tea supplement that I have come across that is guaranteed to be free of caffeine, herbicide and pesticide residue.

Teavigo EGCG Extract - The Best Green Tea Extract?

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