Mega-T Green Tea Supplement Review
A Complete Program

Mega-T Green Tea Extract supplement contains a diet plan, exercise program and herbal blend of weight loss ingredients.

According to CCA Industries, manufacturer of Mega-T Green Tea Dietary Supplement, their fat burning formulas contain probiotics and green tea.

They promise that "over a period of time, you can lose up to 20lbs if you follow our enclosed diet plan to eat less and exercise properly". They also claim their products will:

  • Help you lose weight
  • Curb your appetite
  • Burn more calories
  • Help burn belly fat

In 2007, CCA Industries, offering a variety of health and beauty products, was ranked #143 by Forbes Magazine in their ‘200 Best Small Companies’.

For over twenty years, CCA Industries have strived to manufacture products that ‘solve the real needs of consumers, offering state-of-the-art formulations at a fraction of the cost of department store and specialty brands’.

All Mega-T Green Tea products come with a weight loss plan that includes a complete high protein, low carbohydrate food plan and exercise program, which is reviewed below:

Mega Green Tea Diet Review

Target of 20 pounds weight loss seems realistic for most people if they follow the program. There are motivational success stories in the site to keep you on track!


We first reviewed the Mega-T Green Tea product in 2010 and are very happy to revisit again in 2016. The formulation has changed significantly with calcium and probiotics now being added. In addition, the company no longer discloses the exact composition of the herbal blend.

For the latest product, each caplet contains the following:

  • Calcium 100 mg
  • Chromium 250 mcg
  • Bacillus coagulans 300 million CFU
  • Proprietary Blend 775 mg

The exact composition of the Proprietary Blend is undisclosed and contains the following:

  • Green tea extract
  • Caffeine
  • Eleuthero extract
  • Fo-Ti root
  • Garcinia fruit extract
  • Guarana seed extract
  • Bladderwrack kelp
  • Gotu Kola (whole plant)

Mega-T also sells another similar product that includes Acai Berry and Hoodia in the Proprietary Blend, which we are not reviewing here.

What do the herbs do?

As you can see, Mega-T Green Tea extract contains many herbal ingredients. Strictly speaking, this product should not be regarded as a green tea extract. It is an herbal blend in its own right.

The main ingredient is green tea, which we know help increase metabolism and burn fat.

Chromium is an effective appetite suppressant that help prevent food cravings.

Garcinia Cambogia claims to prevent the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. Contrary to scientific evidence, it is also widely regarded as an effective appetite suppressant.

Although Garcinia Cambogia is a regular ingredient in many weight loss products, there is no evidence they can help you lose weight.

  • A 1998 study conducted by Columbia University College involving 135 test subjects concluded:

"Garcinia cambogia failed to produce significant weight loss and fat mass loss beyond that observed with placebo."

Guarana seeds and caffeine raise energy levels and burn more calories.

Three other components: Gotu Kola, Fo-Ti and Bladderwrack help burn fat and eliminate excess fluids.

Herbal blends exploit potential synergies, with each ingredient working better as a blend then it would on its own.


The manufacturer recommends taking "one Mega-T caplet with a full glass of water (20 minutes prior to each meal) three times a day".

We don't how much green tea extract each cap contains. Assuming it contains the same amount as 2010 when we last reviewed the product, this amounts to 3 x 300 mg = 900 milligrams a day.

Assuming one cup of green tea contains 100 milligrams of catechins, this is the same as drinking 9 cups of green tea a day! This is quite a lot and readers should be aware of potential side effects when taking large doses of green tea extract.

Green Tea Supplement Side Effects

The daily intake of 750 mcg of chromium a day is also pretty toppy, as some researchers suggest that 1,000 micrograms a day should be considered the upper limit.

Long periods of chromium intake should be avoided as occupational exposure to inhalant Chromium IV is a known carcinogen.

Although toxic levels of Chromium taken orally has not been shown to increase cancer rates in rats or humans, higher levels do put a strain on kidneys and liver with long term side effects unknown at this time

The diet and exercise plan that Mega-T Green Tea suggests is indicative of steady, slow, healthy weight loss that will give the desired result.

The green tea capsules will suppress appetite, raise energy level and burn fat. However, users should use this product with caution and not for extended period of time.

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