Hoodia 500 Green Tea Review
Is This For Real?

Here is the million dollar question on Maximise Hoodia 500 Green Tea: How much active weight loss ingredient P57 does it contain?

According to one clinical trial, Hoodia can help suppress your appetite and reduce your caloric intake by 40%. Combine that with a healthy fat burner such as green tea, and you have a killer combination that can help you slim down drastically - with little or no effort.

However, there is a catch. Active Hoodia ingredient P57, which is mainly responsible for the appetite suppressing effect, is found only in the Hoodia gordonii species.

Now, if you have read my green tea and hoodia article, you know that genuine Hoodia gordonii is so rare that most products contain little or no P57.

So, here is the million dollar question: does Maximise Hoodia Green Tea contain the active ingredient P57?

Chemical Composition

According to dietary supplement manufacturer Maximum International, Maximize Hoodia 500 Green Tea contains the following:

  • South African Hoodia Gordonii Succulent Complex 500 mg

  • Green Tea Extract 50% polyphenols 100 mg

Each bottle contains 50 caps and the manufacturer recommends taking 2 caps a day.

Manufacturer Claim

Here is what they say about Hoodia 500 Green Tea:

Each batch of Hoodia, imported from Africa, is certified to contain this special molecule [P57] and then standardized by our FDA approved laboratory to ensure each capsule-full is pharmaceutical grade.

Each batch is then concentrated as a 20:1 extract which makes it up to 16 times stronger than the cheaper-to-produce and obviously less effective 1:1 powder grades.

They go on to state:

Hoodia500 even has growers certificates, import certificates, and what you asked for; the export certificate from South Africa.

In addition, Hoodia500 is being tested when it gets to the US to make sure it contains the molecule that is responsible for the appetite suppressing effect.

Hoodia500 is proven authentic,  and is potency guaranteed.

Where Is The Hoodia?

There is a problem, however, and it is a big one: it is illegal to export Hoodia outside of South Africa, and so far no one has been able to successfully cultivate the plant as a crop. Which begs the question:

How do they get their Hoodia? And if it isn’t Hoodia, what the heck is it?

In fact, if you read the wordings above, they haven't answered my million dollars question: "Out of the 500 mg, how much P57 does Hoodia 500 contain?"

Maybe it is best if we fly down to South Africa and pluck a piece of this remarkable plant ourselves, at least we would know what we are eating!


Maximum International’s Hoodia 500 Green Tea has one of the strongest concentration levels and they stand firmly behind the quality of their product.

However, until scientists find a way to mass-produce genuine Hoodia gordonii, concern over whether any product contains the P57 that naturally suppresses the appetite is in question, and therefore should be avoided.

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