Green Tea and Hoodia
One Thing You Must Know

Why green tea and Hoodia products are so exciting, and the one thing you must be aware of before trying.

Imagine: a supplement that combines the world's healthiest beverage (green tea) with nature's most powerful appetite suppressant (Hoodia). What do you get?

A killer weight loss product that raises your energy levels and burns fat, while helping you slim down quickly, with no side effects whatsoever. Welcome to the exciting world of green tea and Hoodia!

What Is Hoodia?

Hoodia gordonii is a succulent (similar to a cactus) that grows wild in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa.

For thousands of years, Sans bushmen have used the meat from the Hoodia plant to sustain them during long hunting treks. This magic plant suppresses their appetite and thirst.

Hoodia contains a chemical that stimulates the nerve endings in the hypothalamus area of your brain, which controls the hunger levels in your body.

Here is what BBC News correspondent Tom Mangold reported, after eating Hoodia from the Kalahari Desert in 2003:

"There are no known side effects."

"The plant is said to have a feel-good, almost aphrodisiac quality, and I have to say we felt good, but more significantly, we did not even think about food."

Here is the catch: although there are 20 different types of Hoodia, only the gordonii variety is believed to contain the natural appetite suppressant.

Irresistible Combination

Is it marriage made in heaven? Although both work well on their own, combining Hoodia and green tea makes a lot of sense.

Consider the following benefits:

  • One clinical trial has found Hoodia gordonii to suppress appetite and reduce calories intake by 40% in obese individuals.

  • Quality green tea is soothing rather than stimulating. Substantial body of evidence has confirmed that it increases metabolism and burns fat effectively without you feeling jittery.

  • Both green tea and Hoodia have been taken by humans for thousands of years! During clinical trials, scientists have not observed any side effects.

Isn't it a dieter's dream come true?

Buyers Beware!

Above are the ‘pros’ but the singular ‘con’ is a show stopper.

The export of Hoodia is highly restricted in South Africa as it only grows in the one area of the Kalahari. In addition, the plant is in the list of endangered plant species.

Each plant takes five years to mature for harvest. And cultivation has proven near impossible in other parts of the world. Although the chemical responsible (P57) has been isolated, no one has been able to reproduce it in the lab. So mass-production is not possible as of yet.

So what is in all the Hoodia products on the market? There are many other varieties of Hoodia that are easier to cultivate, yet few, if any, contains the natural appetite suppressant P57!


Genuine Hoodia gordonii products are hard to come by. Here are a couple of tips to filter out the obvious pretenders:

  • Shops should display CITES certificate.

  • Products should state the levels of P57 content.

The bottom line is if either P57 or Hoodia gordonii becomes widely available, the green tea and hoodia combination will significantly improve weight loss in humans.

Until that time, however, save your money. Buy a top quality loose green tea and enjoy the benefits of a higher metabolism and fat burning, while knowing exactly what you are putting in your body!

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