Sunphenon Green Tea Extract Review

Taiyo International's Sunphenon green tea extract products offer a wide range of choices for dietary supplement buyers.

Are you looking for a great green tea supplement? Taiyo, the company that discovered L-theanine, has developed a range of green tea supplement products with standardized amounts of EGCG and other polyphenols.

The Sunphenon brand has been around for years, and is often used in scientific studies on the effects of green tea polyphenols. What products does Taiyo have in its lineup? Let’s find out!


The top-of-the line product for EGCG is the Sunphenon EGCG. Containing over 90% EGCG with negligible caffeine, this is one of the newer products. It is primarily used for supplements and foods that don’t taste like green tea.

90LB and 90DCF-T

Products containing 90LB and 90DCF-T contain high levels of polyphenols (over 80%), catechins (over 80%), over 40% ECGC and only trace amounts of caffeine.

The difference between the two products is simply that 90LB tastes like tea and can be used as a healthy flavoring, while 90DCF-T is a tasteless, odorless substance.

These products are great if you prefer to take all the catechins and polyphenols found in green tea instead of just focusing on EGCG. After all, these compounds are thought to work in synergy with each other.

In fact, when Taiyo released this product, the company stated that due to the synergistic nature of green tea compounds, products that contained all the different green tea goodies would probably remain most popular.


90M-T is about as potent as the supplements mentioned above, but it isn’t decaffeinated. Products containing 90 M-T would be great for dieters or people looking for an extra energy boost from the caffeine.

Other Products

The company also produces lower grade products that contain fewer polyphenols and catechins.


The important thing you need to know about Taiyo is that it doesn’t market these products directly to consumers. Instead, it markets to supplement companies and the makers of “nutroceuticals,” foods and beverages fortified with supplements.

They are used as ingredients in these products, and that is where you will find them at the drug store. So, if you are shopping for green tea supplement products, look for the name “Sunphenon” on the box.

Taiyo is a pioneer in the green tea dietary supplement industry so they can be trusted. However, the amount of green tea goodness that you are going to get from the supplement or beverage will still depend on the manufacturer of the supplement.

If the product manufacturer use only a small amount of tea extract, you still would not get a lot of antioxidants. So, read the label to see what dosage you are getting before you buy anything!

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