Schiff Green Tea Diet Review
Advantages And Disadvantages

If you enjoy swallowing pills, Schiff Green Tea Diet may not be a bad choice. A decent product that is lacking in just one thing.

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

“I was pleased to see that this product now contains chromium,” states one happy customer nicknamed ‘Feemia’.

“I was planning to take a green tea supplement and a chromium supplement, but it's much more convenient to take a single supplement that includes both."

Who Is Schiff?

Tea nutrition supplements are not regulated by the FDA. If you want to a brand you can trust, then you must start with a reputable manufacturer.

The Schiff brand is owned by Schiff Nutrition Group, which is based in Salt Lake City. They have been developing and selling vitamins and nutritional supplements products worldwide for the last 60 years.

Their story started in the late 1930's, when Engene Schiff, a Hungarian migrant, realised that health food stores were selling synthetic vitamins rather than supplements made from natural products.

Schiff began to study and experiment with whole foods such as brown rice, brewer’s yeast, wheat germ and liver. He found that these foods were naturally rich in vitamins and minerals.

One of Schiff’s major breakthroughs was finding that rose hips provided a more concentrated source of vitamin C than orange juice.

Schiff was the first to introduce this vitamin C source to America. Schiff also was the leader in producing the first natural source multi-vitamin.

Chemical Composition

Each tablet of Schiff Green Tea Diet contains:

  • Green Tea Extract 337.5 mg (EGCG 135 mg)

  • Caffeine 75 mg

  • Chromium 125 mcg (104% Recommended Daily Value)


  • Manufacturer is reputable with records of innovation and quality.

  • Green tea extract is standardised to 40% EGCG. With Schiff Green Tea Diet, you know exactly how much EGCG you are getting.

  • Contain small amount of caffeine to enhance weight loss. Scientific studies have shown that EGCG and caffeine are more effective when working in pairs than in isolation.

  • Contain Chromium to suppress appetite and manage food cravings. Green tea does not suppress appetite, so the inclusion of Chromium should be helpful. But beware of overdose (see below).

  • Free of Ma Huang and Ephedra so no jittery and nervous side effects.

  • Dose is only one pill twice a day so it is convenient and easy to take.


  • Does not say anywhere on packaging that it is herbicide or pesticide free.

  • Anyone who is sensitive to caffeine should avoid this product.

  • Daily dose of two tablets contains 200% of the recommended daily value of chromium – toxicity could become an issue with long term use.


Like all of the products I review, my chief concern is the quality of the ingredients in a product. I do not recommend any supplement or tea that is not clearly identified as herbicide or pesticide free.

This product looks to be excellent on most counts. But if Schiff does not guarantee it to be herbicide-free, then it probably isn't. Buyers beware.

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