Eight Ways Green Tea Can Help Lose Weight

Do you believe that green tea helps you to lose weight because it stimulates metabolism? You have underestimated this multi-talented fat burner!

What makes tea increase weight loss? According to scientific studies, green tea contains compounds catechins, caffeine and theanine that promote weight loss.

In particular, scientists have found that EGCG (the most active and abundant of catechins) and caffeine are especially important. They fight obesity in at least the following eight ways.

#1 Boost Metabolism

There are three kinds of fat. They can be found beneath the skin, in the body organs and in the muscles.

Brown adipose tissue is a layer of fat beneath the skin that has the ability to generate heat. Scientists found that green tea stimulates the heat burning process (called thermogenesis) much more than caffeine alone would.

Green Tea Metabolism - How Many More Calories?

#2 Burn Fat

Fat is an excellent source of energy in humans. Beta-oxidation is a process during which fat is broken down to provide energy. Scientists found that green tea burns fat by stimulating the beta-oxidation process.

Green Tea Burn Fat

#3 Prevent Fat Storage

An adipocyte cell is a fat cell or connective tissue that is involved in the synthesis and storage of fat. Scientists found that green tea prevents fat cells from multiplying and enlarging.

In an animal study, scientists found that green tea increases weight loss by blocking the actions of enzymes involved in the synthesis and storage of fat.

A 2006 study conducted by Donald Danforth Plant Science Center discovered that green tea may help reduce fat storage by moderating your body's production of hormone insulin. The scientists discovered that green tea does this by blocking the production of glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH).

This is important because insulin plays a key part in converting glucose (blood sugar) into fat.

#4 Reduce Food Craving

When you eat sugary food, your blood sugar level spikes up. This triggers a large release of insulin to move the glucose out of blood into cells for storage.

Because your body can overreact by producing too much insulin, this can cause a sharp dip in glucose level afterwards. Low sugar levels increase your cravings, hunger, and mood swings, and reduces energy level. End result? You crave more sugary food, causing the vicious cycle to repeat itself.

Green tea, by regulating your blood sugar levels, helps to reduce food cravings and hunger pangs.

Green Tea and Blood Sugar

#5 Block Dietary Fat Absorption

Another green tea weight loss secret...

Digestive enzymes act on the foods we eat so that the body can absorb them. According to a 2006 peer review study by Wolfram, green tea reduces carbohydrate and fat absorption by blocking the actions of these enzymes.

#6 Regulates Glucose Uptake

A study conducted by Ashida found that drinking green tea increases the glucose uptake by skeletal muscles and reduces the glucose uptake by fat tissue.

End result? You are able to exercise longer, which will help you burn more calories and fat. By exercising more, you develop more muscles, which will help you maintain an active lifestyle.

Green Tea Diet and Exercise

#7 Improve Gut Health

A 2019 study by Ohio State University found that drinking green tea encourages the growth of good gut bacteria that could significantly lower the risk of obesity.

The benefits seen in this new study, published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, appear to stem from improved gut health, including more beneficial microbes in the intestines of the mice and less permeability in the intestinal wall – a condition typically called “leaky gut” in people.

Negative changes in the gut microbiome have been previously linked to obesity, and green tea has been shown to promote healthy bacteria.

The researchers also found that the green tea appeared to contribute to a healthier microbial community in the guts of the mice fed a high-fat diet.

Green tea Improve Gut Health in Mice

#8 Synergism with Caffeine

Ready for the final green tea weight loss magic? Now consider this: When is 1+1=3?

Studies conducted by scientists Dulloo and Rumpler found that caffeine and catechins benefit from one another's presence. Together, they burn more calories than each compound is on its own.

Green tea, including caffeine, greatly increases and prolongs the heat burning effect. It helps you burn more calories even when you are sleeping!

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