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My Top Recommendations Wish List

If you could have any tea ware in the world, what would you choose?

If you had the opportunity to go on a shopping spree for brewing equipment, what would you buy?

There are so many different types of tea equipment out there that it might be hard to decide. Unless I win the lottery, I expect to be building my own collection over many years.

But in the meantime, I can still daydream.

And daydream I do! In fact, I have built up quite a wish list of my favorite tea wares!

Tea Kettle

There is something romantic about stove top kettles.

However, in the morning, romance is the last thing on my mind. I simply want to be able to brew the beverage of my choice quickly.

So I like this Breville variable temperature kettle .

Why is this kettle superior?

First of all, it has 5 temperature settings for various types of tea.

Unlike the Upton kettle which I have now, the settings on this kettle are labeled.

That makes it easier to use the correct setting, depending on the type of tea you are planning to brew. There is even a setting for French press coffee, which I also adore.

Plus, it makes a noise when the water is ready - another nice feature that the Upton lacks.

Finally, it has a "hold temperature" feature that lets you hold water at a specific temperature for a period of time.

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Tea Thermometer and Timer

Even with a programmable kettle, a tea thermometer can be essential, especially for a finicky green teas like sencha.

This Taylor Connoisseur Tea Thermometer and Timer not only measures water temperature, it can also alert you when the water reaches the desired temperature. Plus, the timer tells you when your tea is done steeping.

This is excellent for absentminded people like yours truly: No more cold, bitter cups!



Tea Infuser

If you are a green tea drinker, then an infuser is one piece of tea ware you simply can't live without. It is ideal for brewing a small amount of leaves at a time.

My preference is for something light and portable.

My husband and I love to go backpacking. When you are carrying everything you need on your back, you can feel every ounce!

I think this Tovolo Tea Press Tea Infuser would be perfect for a backpacking trip.

You can pack loose leaf tea in the hollow body, and the plunger allows you to squeeze the maximum amount of flavor out of the tea.

Plus, it comes with a steel clip to make it easy to use in taller cups, such as the travel mugs we always bring to the mountains with us.

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Tea Strainer

I would love to own this Swissgold® TF 500 Tea Filter.

The gold filter is durable and does not affect the taste of the tea.

Many tea strainers are too small to do a good job of brewing loose leaf tea. This filter is large enough to let the tea leaves dance in the hot water and release their best flavor.

Plus, it is versatile: it fits well in teapots of all sizes.

Another advantage is that it is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Tea Pot

yixingI love Yixing and I love drinking aromatic oolong tea. What better vessel to brew these high grades than a Red Clay Tea Pot?

The Sapphire pot has been handmade by highly regarded Chinese artist Zhu Xinnan using a clay that has matured over 25 years.

Yixing pots absorb the flavor of tea. The more you use them, the more rich and flavorful the tea becomes.

I could happily use this pot every day!

Yixing Chinese Tea Pot - Gongfu Tea Drinker's Complete Guide

Iced Tea Maker

Where I live, it is quite hot outside for much of the year. Usually, when I have guests, they prefer iced tea instead of hot.

So, for an iced tea set, I would choose this nifty TeaOverIce Infuser Set.

This set uses two pitchers: a smaller one with an infuser to brew your favorite loose leaf tea, and a larger one that can be filled with ice (and sugar, if you want sweet tea).

You can brew the tea in the smaller pitcher and then pour it into the ice pitcher right at the table.

Iced Tea Maker and Pot Review

Tea Thermo Flask

This Timolino 17-Ounce Travette Coffee and Tea Maker is excellent for brewing tea when you are on the go.

It contains an infuser basket, so there's no waiting around for the tea to brew. You can just measure out the leaves, fill the Travette up with hot water, and go.

It is my first choice because it is easy to stop the brewing process.

Oversteeped tea is nasty! In many thermo flasks and travel mugs that include infuser baskets,, the only way to stop the tea from steeping is to take the top off and remove the infuser.

That can get messy, especially if you are in the car.

With this thermo flask, whenever your tea is done steeping, you can pour out the first cup. Then, the water level will drop below the filter basket.

So, the brewing process stops and you can enjoy hot tea for hours with no mess and no bitterness.

Tea Press

I love Bodum's tea wares, but their borosilicate glass is no match for my natural clumsiness.

We have been through a couple of coffee presses, and the nice double-walled tea cup I bought from them cracked shortly after I purchased it.

This Bodum Assam 34-Ounce Cast-Iron Tea Press with Stainless Steel Filter is made of cast-iron, so my clumsiness should not be a problem. Unless, of course,  I happen to drop the teapot on my foot.

Plus, the cast-iron exterior will keep tea warm for hours. 

However, the tea press was specially designed to stop brewing as soon as the plunger is pushed, so you do not have to worry about oversteeping or bitterness.

This tea press is modeled after Japanese tetsubin. You can learn more about tetsubin here

Tetsubin Tea Pot Review Guide

Tea Cup

These Double-walled Chinese Tea Cups are made of double-walled glass, so they stay cool to the touch even when they are full of hot tea.

They are clear, so you can appreciate the color of your favorite tea.

Also, I love the shape of these cups.

They look like they would be easy to hold and feel good in your hands.




Tea Warmer

I love tea warmers with candles inside, like this Sahara Teapot Warmer by GROSCHE, made of heat-proof high quality glass

It is made to fit tea pots up to 50 ounces in size, so it is versatile as well as attractive.


There you have it: my list of tea ware All-Stars!

Of course, you may not agree with my choices. Everyone is different, after all.

Here are some articles that explain how to find the types of tea ware that suit you best. Why not take a look at them, and then make a wish list of your own?

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