Tea Diet Benefits
7 Reasons Why It Works

What makes a tea diet work? Learn the 7 reasons why it can be effective.

Tea diet means different things to different people. So let's start by defining what it means.

Tea weight loss does not mean fasting plans that include an element of herbal laxative tea. Neither is it true that you can eat anything, but if you drink tea, you will lose weight.

It is no different from any other successful weight loss program. The difference is that a tea diet incorporates a proven Camellia Sinensis tea into a healthy eating and exercise plan. It doesn't matter which weight loss program you choose to follow, a tea diet will help you achieve your goals with greater ease.

Here are the top 7 reasons why a tea diet works.

Better Than Water?

Every weight loss program advocates drinking lots of water. This is because water fills you until your next meal arrives.

But drinking cup after cup of water can be boring. So why not drink some tea instead? Contrary to what many people believe, tea is hydrating. Hear what Dr. Carrie Ruxton from Kings College London said:

"Drinking tea is actually better for you than drinking water. Water is essentially replacing fluid. Tea replaces fluids and contains antioxidants so it's got two things going for it."

You can read about Dr. Ruxton's findings at Green Tea and Dehydration.

Negative Calories

Tea is a healthful alternative to other beverages. Most of us don’t realize how many calories we pack on in a day due to the consumption of sodas, coffee drinks and other beverages.

When choosing a tea to drink, pick a natural tea that hasn't had anything added to it. Natural tea contains no calories. In fact, it contains negative calories. This is because drinking tea boosts metabolism and raises your energy level, as you shall see later.

Perfect Complement

Have quite a few pounds to shed? A tea diet will complement any other weight loss  that you are following.

Haven't got a weight loss program? Devote some time to consider which one is best suited for you. Do you like to attend a weekly weight loss meeting? Do you want to eliminate certain categories of food? Do you do best with a calorie counting technique? Choose one, and see whether it fits you.

Whichever weight loss program you choose, drinking tea will make it easy for you to increase energy, burn fat and lose weight.

Long Term Habit

If losing weight is just about eating healthy and getting enough exercise, why do people find it far easier to gain weight than lose weight?

It is widely acknowledged by scientists that our modern diet contains far too many calories. The hectic demands of everyday life leave us with little time to prepare food. High calorie foods are bad for us, but they are convenient and tasty to eat.

Imagine: Just 100 extra calories a day, in the form of a banana or a glass of milk, will translate to 10 pounds in a year. After a few years, you will go quickly from thin, to chubby and to fat.

The long neglected secret to permanent weight loss is about adopting good habits that you will be able to stick to forever.

Some of these good habits are avoiding eating dessert, walking 30 minutes everyday and eating a hearty breakfast. And of course, drinking tea!

Boost Metabolism

Drinking tea helps give you more energy without the jitters associated with caffeine.

The buzz word is thermogenesis. It is the process by which the body generates heat and increases metabolism. By burning off the extra calories, it promotes weight loss.

Swiss scientist Dr. Dulloo conducted a human trial in 1999 to investigate green tea metabolism effects. He found that those who drank green tea burned 4% more energy over 24 hours.

If you burn 2,000 calories a day, this translates to 80 calories a day. Over a year, a few cups of green tea a day will shave 8 pounds off your waistline. Not bad at all.

Natural Fat Burning

The secret to a tea diet is fat burning. Walk into any reputable pharmaceutical shops and locate a few fat burner supplements on the shelf. Look at the ingredient list and inevitably you will find green tea popping up everywhere.

There are many so herbal fat burners, but none of them is as proven as green tea. Whether it is in the petri dish, used in animal studies, or even studied in small and large scale human trials, green tea has shown again and again it is good at burning fat. Here are a few widely quoted studies:

Green Tea Burn Fat - Cholesterol, Triglycerides and Visceral

Green Tea Diet and Exercise - Visceral Fat Burning and Stamina

Oolong Tea Burn Fat - Study Discovers Slimming Twist

Powerful Antioxidants

Finally, catechins! The four catechins in tea are EGCG, ECG, EGC and EC. Among the four, EGCG is the most abundant and second most potent, constituting 50% of green tea's catechin content.

Catechins are antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential to your overall optimum health. Free radicals are associated with aging. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals in your body before they have a chance to act. Antioxidants keep you healthy, bright and beautiful.

Among the six different types of Camellia Sinensis tea, white tea and green tea contain the highest levels of catechins. Compared to other foods and fruits, green tea antioxidants are especially valuable for the money.

Are you ready to learn the 7 reasons why green tea antioxidants are so powerful?

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