Essiac Tea History
Story Of An Herbal Cancer Cure

Essiac Tea history began with Rene Caisse's chance encounter with a woman cured from breast cancer by an Indian medicine man.

In this information age, we want optimum health. We want safe alternatives that have been proven for centuries to work with no side effects.

People in the 1920s were no different when it came to wanting health. Thousands with terminal cancer fled to Canada to find Rene Caisse, the nurse who treated them for free with the Indian remedy called Essiac Tea.

Essiac Tea History #1:
Ojibwa Tea of Life

As a nurse, Rene Caisse treated an English miner's wife whose breast was scarred from cancer. This elderly woman told Rene how she was cured from cancer by an old Indian medicine man.

This man offered to helped her with a remedy his grandfather had given him. He told her it was a holy drink that would purify her body and place it back in balance with the Great Spirit. She drank the pleasant tasting beverage twice daily until her body was back in harmony with the Great Spirit.

More than 20 years later, the woman was still alive and although her breast appeared scarred, the cancer was gone. In 1922, she gave Rene the recipe in response to Rene's request, hoping that it could possibly help others.

Essiac Tea History #2:
Bracebridge Clinic

After Rene’s aunt was diagnosed with cancer, Rene, along with Dr. R. O. Fisher, her aunt’s physician, began the first human clinical case study to see what would happen.

Amazingly, her aunt recovered and lived another 21 years, dying of old age. Dr. Fisher and Rene then set up a laboratory in Rene’s mother’s basement and began mouse studies that proved the formula was a winner.

Before long, 30 people were showing up on Rene’s doorstep asking to be treated with Essiac Tea.

From 1935 to 1942, she operated the Bracebridge Clinic in Ontario, Canada. These were her best years. There were outstanding successes, with many patients being cured from cancers.

Essiac Tea History #3:
Injection and Closure

While the original Indian formula was taken orally as tea, Rene changed the formula slightly over the years. She was injecting one herb - Sheep Sorrel - with the other three herbs taken orally as liquid.

Injection had its problems. First it was very painful, as some terminally ill cancer patients were too emaciated to have any muscles on their bodies. Second, she needed permission from the medical authorities.

In 1942, Rene finally decided to close her clinic, after endless hassles from the Canadian Health officials.

Essiac Tea History #4:
Brusch Medical Clinic

In 1959, Rene Caisse went to the Brusch Medical Clinic in Cambridge, Massachusetts to join Dr. Charles Brusch, a private physician to President John F Kennedy. She stayed on with Dr. Brusch as partners until her death in 1978 at the age of 91.

Together, they did further research to determine the optimal herbal blend. They proved that best results were obtained by the COMBINATION of the proper active herbs, rather than in any of them individually. Dr. Brusch stated that the herbal tea identified the toxins, gathered them, broke them down, and discharged them.

Essiac Tea History #5:
Resperin and Canada International

In 1977, one year before she died, Rene signed over her formula to Resperin Corporation. This formula consists only of four herbs.

We know that Rene was dedicated to helping terminally ill cancer patients. However, she was prevented from doing so because she was not able to prove the anti-cancer efficacy of the treatment, which at that time included herbal injection.

According to an unknown author from, Resperin Corporation had acted in bad faith and is in material breach of the contract. Further details can be found at

Essiac Canada International - Original Essiac Keeper or Rogue?

Essiac Tea History #6:

In 1984, eight years after Rene died, Dr. Brusch was interviewed by Elaine Alexander, who broadcasted out of Vancouver, Canada. The listener response was massive and seven 2-hour programmes were produced covering the herbal tea in every aspect.

They became friends. In 1988 they became legal partners and he passed to her a number of the herbal formulae on which he and Rene worked at his clinic.

The 8-herb formula was first out in the marketplace in July 1992 and is now known as Flor-Essence. Are you ready to find out how authentic Flor-Essence is?

Flor-Essence Essiac Review - Who Has the Herbal Formula?


Mary Ann Richardson, Tina Ramirez, Carmen Tamayo, Carrie Perez, J. Lynn Palmer Flor Essence Herbal Tea Blend Use in North America: A Profile of General Consumers & Cancer Patients.

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