Essiac Canada International
Original Essiac Keeper or Rogue?

Essiac Canada International claims to own the Original Essiac herbal formula used by Rene Caisse herself. Can we trust them?

In 1977, one year before she died, Rene signed over her formula to Resperin Corporation. This formula has four herbs: sheep sorrel, burdock root, slippery elm bark and rhubarb root.

Sadly, the Corporation went bankrupt soon after. In 1995, they sold the formula and trademark to what is now Essiac Canada International.

According to an unknown author from, Resperin Corporation had acted in bad faith and is in material breach of the contract. To quote him:

When a contract was drawn up on Oct 26th, 1977, there was very little in it for Rene who had given 56 years of her life to this herbal tea.

Rene reluctantly passed over a 4 herb formula that day in 1977, as she already had great doubts about what she had been told. Her doubts proved to be true when nothing seemed to be happening and no clinics were ever opened.

To this day no royalty has ever been paid from this contract to the "Rene Caisse Estate". She gave it away FREE for 56 years, and has been cheated ever since. THIS CONTRACT WAS MATERIALLY BREACHED.

How True Is This Claim?

We know that Rene was dedicated to helping terminally ill cancer patients. However, she was prevented from doing so because she was not able to prove the anti-cancer efficacy of the treatment, which at that time included herbal injection.

Therefore, Resperin Corporation would need to obtain permission to run clinical trials before they could fulfill Rene's vision in any meaningful way. What the unknown author didn't point out is that Resperin did run a clinical trial in 1978. But it was unsuccessful.

Researchers Mary Ann Richardson et al. from the University of Texas, Houston School of Public Health summarized:

One clinical study with Essiac™ was discontinued by The Health Protection Branch of Health Canada in 1978 because of limited physician participation. Data from 87 participants was considered inadequate to determine any impact on survival.

Subsequently, claims for clinical benefit were discontinued. The manufacturers then began marketing the product as a nutritional supplement with general health claims (i.e., prevents disease, relieves pain, and improves quality of life).

On existing evidence, it is hard to fault Essiac Canada International for acting in bad faith. They tried, but like Rene Caisse, failed to convince the medical authorities of the anti-cancer credentials of Essiac.

Original Essiac

In all likelihood, Essiac Canada International is the only organization that has the exact ratios and ingredients of Rene's most effective formula. The Trust Agreement can be found in the website of Essiac Canada International:

Rene M. Caisse represents and warrants to Resperin ... that she has developed and has sole and exclusive proprietary rights to a treatment for the alleviation and cure of cancer (such treatment being hereinafter referred to as the "Essiac" treatment);

Rene M. Caisse also represents and warrants to Resperin ... that she has not disclosed to any other person or company any particulars of the Essiac treatment or the formula for or ingredients of any medication comprised therein;

Rene M. Caisse represents and warrants to Resperin ... that a sealed envelope containing all particulars of the Essiac treatment and the formula for and ingredients of all medication comprised therein has been lodged...

It is clear from the above agreement that Rene Caisse was not allowed to reveal the exact formula to anyone else. In fact, there is evidence that Dr. Brusch himself admitted that he didn't know the exact formula (click on Flor-Essence link below for further information).

Does It Matter?

Until a better herbalist comes along and proposes a better blend, exact ratio does matter in herbal medicine.

Remember, Rene Caisse spent half a century perfecting this herbal formula. All other formulae had been found to be inferior to the one she finally settled on.

Just like a machine needs all its parts fitted in the right place to function properly, so does herbal medicine. Trial studies conducted by Rene and Dr. Brusch have found that it is the combination, rather than the individual, herbs that make the difference. And the combination needs the correct ratios to function property.

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