Essiac Liquid Review
Four Versus Eight Herb Formulae

Want to buy an Essiac liquid? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the four and eight herb formulae in the market?

Buying Essiac Tea is confusing. According to one source, there are more than forty brands in the market. They all claim to be the best product.

The two most established brands are Essiac Canada International, which uses 4 herbs, and the Flor-Essence, which uses 8 herbs. We will outline the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Essiac Liquid #1:
Essiac Canada International

In 1977, one year before she died, Rene signed over her herbal formula to Resperin Corporation, which later sold the formula to Essiac Canada International.

In all likelihood, Essiac Canada International is the only organization that has the exact ratios and ingredients of Rene's most effective formula. The Trust Agreement can be found in the website of Essiac Canada International.

From the Trust Agreement, it is clear that Rene was not allowed to reveal the formula to anyone else (whether she did or not, of course, is another matter!)

You can read more about my analysis of their authenticity and history at

Essiac Canada International - Original Essiac Keeper or Rogue?

Essiac Liquid #2:

Flor-Essence is a major brand owned by Flora Health, a manufacturer and distributor of natural health products. Unlike the Original Essiac recipe, Flor-Essence uses what is called the Authentic Essiac recipe, which has been expanded to 8 herbs.

Proponents of Flor-Essence claimed that Dr. Brusch, Rene Caisse's long term partner and co-developer, knew the exact herbal ratios used by Rene Caisse. He later passed his knowledge to his wife Elaine Alexander.

Furthermore, because the 8-herb formula is larger and more developed, it is better than the Original Essiac, which contained only 4 herbs.

What did Dr. Charles Brusch know? How authentic is Flor-Essence?

Flor-Essence Essiac Review - Who Has the Herbal Formula?

Indian versus Turkey

Authenticity aside, the two brands uses different types of rhubarb roots in their formulae.

Essiac Canada International uses the more expensive Indian rhubarb (Rheum officianale) that is grown locally in North America. Flor-Essence uses the Turkey rhubarb (Rheum palmatum) which traditionally has been produced in China and Tibet.

For an analysis of which root is better to use, read Essiac Herbs Ingredients - Indian Versus Turkey Rhubarb Root.

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