How I Started This Tea Site

I grew up in Southeast Asia drinking oolong tea for breakfast. At that time, I was too young to appreciate it...

Then I migrated to Europe and occupied my life with schools, qualifications and work – all the things people expected of me. All worthwhile, of course, but no more oolong tea for breakfast :(

My forefathers came from the Fujian province of Southern China, near the Wuyi mountain, famed for producing oolong tea. To this day, we maintain close contact with our distant relatives.

My passion with tea started after I visited the tea gardens in China some years ago.

I was amazed! The teas taste great and are affordable! I brought back Dragon Well green tea, Wuyi oolong and Yunan puer.

Tea became my daily routine. Before I knew it, my health, which hadn't been great at that time, began to improve.

I became less prone to infection. My skin cleared up. I was alert and productive at work. Being caffeine sensitive, I found that tea perks me up nicely without the unpleasant side effects of coffee.

I began to learn about tea systematically. Then I came across Site Built It! – which makes starting a website really easy, even for a novice like myself.

That is how I got started - the rest is history.

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