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A brief biography of Julian - webmaster and founder of this site.

babyIt has been said that everything moves in a cycle. As I reflect on my life, I suddenly realize it is not just marriages that succumb to the 7-year itch.

Many things move in a 7-year cycle. Science tells us that on average, most cells in the human body change every seven years. Any student of astrology will tell you that Uranus - the planet of sudden change and innovation - spends 7-year on each sign of the zodiac

How did my 7-year cycles lead me to tea? Let me explain.

Nerd Head

ktjThe year was 1992 and I turned 16. My father insisted in sending me to the most prestigious boarding school in Malaysia - Kolej Tuanku Jaafar.

Suddenly, I was transformed from a dreamy philosopher to a hardworking young man, eager to impress myself on my peers and teachers.

For the next 7 years, I scored almost straight A's in all my academic subjects. My three years in University of Edinburgh saw me graduating with a First Class Honor, scooping up three medals along the way. Then I went on to obtain a Distinction in Master in the City University of London, and topped the class that very year.

It was fantastic achievements - but to be honest - they feel empty. A bit of overkill.

Apprentice to Actuary

deloitteThen came year 1999, and I turned 23.

If studying for examination is a breeze, then life as a student actuary certainly wasn't easy for somebody as naive as me. To make things worse, I have my share of bad luck.

First, it was the 1997 Asian Crisis and the 2000 Dot Com bubble. They didn't make finding a job easier. Then, I was exposed to corporate bullying, which after consulting with many friends, I realized later was quite a rare thing to happen in my profession.

My first boss asked me to resign after a mere 8 months. My other boss deliberately made life difficult for me in the hope I would voluntarily resign. I didn't. He was eventually demoted to another position by his own boss.

During these 7 years, I worked in various positions in companies such as Prudential Insurance, Zurich Insurance and Deloitte Consulting. Most of daily works involved giving advise to insurance clients using complex statistical models.

karmapaAnyway, suffering is just another form of purification, and Lady Luck started smiling on me again in 2004.

That was the year that I formally took refuge and became a Buddhist, taking on the name Kama Tsering Norbu (Long Life Jewel).

(To the right is a photo of my guru and lineage master - the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa - and the Dalai Lama.)

The same year, I met my wife. She was a Traditional Chinese Medicine practioner The year after, I qualified as a Fellow of the Institute of Actuary.

The Next 7 Years?

julianYear 2006. I turned 30. It was a landmark year.

I got married in 2006. The same year, I started the Amazing-Green-Tea site.

Anni, my only daughter, was born in 2007, just days after we launched our flagship product - the Tribute Dragon Well tea.

(She looked like a boy when she was 8 months old.)

Working on the tea site is simply the best decision I have made in my life. What can be more joyful and rewarding then helping people discover the health-enhancing properties of tea?

I will continue doing this as long as you find it of benefits.

Long may this continue.

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