Covid 19 Impact on Shipping

Highest quality tea deserves the anticipation.

For most parcels, we now recommend customers using the E-packet service:

  • E-packet. Cost $5. Take 4 to 14 weeks

Non US based customer wanting a faster service could consider using the EMS:

  • EMS. Cost $35. Take 1 to 4 weeks.

We currently don't encourage US based customers to use EMS as it is not necessarily faster than the lower cost E-packet. Further, parcels will be returned if they are not claimed in time.

Tracking number can be provided upon request.

Tracking Website

You can enter the tracking number into the website below to check the progress:

What happen if I don't get my parcels?

I am fully committed to your order. If your parcel do not arrive in 4 months, you are entitled to a full refund. Please read my 60-day Guarantee. I have run this tea shop since 2007 and have always kept my promise.

Where are you based?

We keep our tea treasures in our Chinese warehouse. We believe having a warehouse near the Source is the most efficient way to distribute these treasures around.

What we do is really quite simple. Both I and HQ taste the teas. When we think we spot a star - something we think you would be extremely pleased to have - we place a large order right after the harvest.

We pack the teas into air-tight bags; leave them in freezer at minus 20 degree Celcius until your orders come in.

Because we have total control over the sourcing process, from wholesale to storage, we have total confidence the teas will reach you in excellent condition.

How about custom and tax?

You are responsible for custom and tax. Fortunately, they don't normally apply to small packages bought for personal use.

This following is my understanding, please carry out your own research:

  • If you live in the US, tea leaves regardless of values are exempted from custom tax. Exemption limit is 200 US dollars for non tea items.

  • If you live in the UK, tea leaves are considered an essential item and therefore not subject to sales tax (VAT). They also don't attract custom charge.

  • I have also have several Australian customers. As far as I am aware, parcels are allowed through as long as they have been labeled "Camellia Sinensis".

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