Advantages of Green Tea
Pros and Cons Review

What are the advantages of green tea? A pros and cons review by a tea lover.

Natural and Safe

Drinking green tea is natural and safe. How many potent herbs out have 2,000 years of history behind it? Hundreds of humans trials are conducted on this amazing beverage every year. There have been little or no observed side effects.

This beverage is recommended for weight loss and dieting. Unlike prescription drugs or bariatic surgery, there is no need for professional supervision.

Accessible and Powerful

Fruits such as pomegranate contain as much as or more antioxidants than green tea. But gram for gram and dollar for dollar, none of them packs as much punch as green tea.

It takes just 3 grams of green tea leaves to brew a cup of tea. Amazingly, this cup of tea contains as much catechins as 10 cups of red wine and 200 grams of dark chocolate.

Green Tea Antioxidants

Natural Fat Burner

Another advantages of green tea? It has virtually no calorie if you don't add sugar.

It helps you lose weight by increasing metabolism and burning fat. Studies have found that combining green tea with exercise is highly effective in promoting weight loss.

Green Tea and Exercise

Soothing Energy Booster

Green tea takes just 5 minutes to prepare, but it keeps you calm, yet alert, all day.

Why? Because green tea contains caffeine, which stimulates, and the sweet tasting theanine, which soothes.

Together, they give the drinker a relaxed awareness. Green tea gives an energy uplift with a gentle touchdown, so you no longer have to suffer the jitters and sudden crash of coffee.

Theanine Health Benefits

Any Disadvantages?

A small number of people may not like it. People who are REALLY caffeine sensitive or have a weak stomach should exercise caution. Read my green tea side effects guide for further guidance.


Could you think of another health food that offers so many benefits? I struggle. There is always a place for green tea, or other quality tea beverages, in a healthy, balanced diet.

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