Tieguanyin Tea (Iron Goddess) Autumn Jipin - Amazing and Incredible!

by Kirsten
(North Fork)

Kirsten from North Fork rates Jipin grade 5 out 5. January 2008

Thanks again for the lovely tea. The flavor is excellent - non-bitter, yet rich and satisfying, and the aroma is truly a unique experience.

I just want to tell you how amazed me, my family and friends are by the Tieguanyin tea (Iron Goddess) Jipin grade. It is truly an incredible tea.

The aroma alone entices one to brew a pot - one friend who can't drink any caffeine just sat near the teapot inhaling the steam for about an hour one day. I gave the little 7 gram bags as Christmas gifts!

My family and I find ourselves holding tiny cups of steaming tea under our noses with our eyes closed, just sitting quietly at the table lost in reverie – and this includes my very active 12 year old son! (He LOVES this tea!) I would buy it for the aroma alone…

We tried brewing multiple pots from the same leaves, and found that the first pot is heavenly, the second brew still quite amazing but with less aroma, and the third and 4th brews are excellent but with much less aroma, like a very high quality "average" green tea, and after that it could be any non-bitter green tea.

My husband won't drink it after the third pot, I enjoy it to the 6th and my brother takes it to the 9th brew, but agrees that it is mostly just lightly flavored hot water after the 6th pot.

I also bought another tea from you on my first order (I think it was Dragon Well) and although it was excellent tea, and compared to other similar teas it would shine, it just didn't wow me like the Tieguanyin tea.

I mean, what other tea has that kind of aroma? Jasmine tea doesn't even begin to come close. Whoever called this Iron Goddess tea the "champagne of teas" could not have said it better.

I placed another order with you yesterday, this time for two different grades of the Iron Goddess – Jipin and AAA Orchid Aroma... I will definitely let you know how it goes, and yes, please feel free to use my feedback.

Lastly, congratulations on the award winners! You and HQ clearly deserve it.

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