The Story of Tea, A Cultural History and Drinking Guide by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert Heiss

by Alison
(United States)

The Story of Tea is an in-depth look at the history of tea, the tea industry, and the culture that surrounds our favorite beverage.

According to the introduction, the book was written by a couple that owns a New England tea shop.

In researching it, they not only did a great deal of historical research, they actually traveled across the world visiting different tea gardens and learning from different tea growers and tea merchants.

The book focuses on the characteristics that make the tea grown in one region different from the tea grown in another.

It is beautifully illustrated with pictures of tea gardens, traditional tea ware, and of course, tea.

In fact, if you are shopping for tea, this book would be excellent to use as a reference because it includes pictures and a brief description of many different types of tea, including information about flavor, aroma and how to brew.

There are also detailed descriptions of tea culture from different countries, including China, Japan, India and more.

Anecdotes about the people that the authors met during their travels add a nice personal touch.

This book is a wonderful source of information for any tea lover. Of course, since you could write an entire book about tea culture in China or Japan alone, you may put down The Story of Tea wanting to learn more.

However, for a book with such a broad scope, the amount of detailed information it provides is really quite incredible.

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Sep 11, 2009
Sacramento, CA USA
by: Ann

Everyone knows how much I love tea, so when I received this book as a gift, I was very pleased.

I was even more pleased once I opened and read it. There is a wealth of knowledge in it - from the history of tea and the numerous varieties to growing tea, how to brew the perfect cup, to cooking with tea and of course, culture and customs surrounding tea.

Gorgeous photographs accompany the fascinating text.

I highly recommend this book to the experience tea lover as well as the novice.

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