Tea and Caffeine - 3 Ways to Reduce

by Julian

Dr. Weil recently writes about 9 strange caffeinated products...


Of course, he approves of drinking green tea. And he went on to suggest a DIY decaffeination method


Here is a quote form him:

All you have to do is steep the tea for 45 seconds in hot water and then pour off the liquid.

Next, add more hot water and steep as you normally would to brew a cup of that tea.

Up to 80 percent of the caffeine is released in the first infusion of water so only minimal amounts will remain when you add water the second time.

This method eliminates very little of the tea's flavor and aroma.

If tea caffeine bothers you, I highly encourage you try out this method. But beware, the 80 percent figure is probably spurious.

Dr. Weil is not aware that another scientific study has been carried out on this method. The result is controversial.

The so-called 45 seconds hot wash would only remove 10 to 20 percent of the caffeine.

Caffeine Free Tea DIY Hot Wash Method

I am not saying Dr. Weil is wrong, all I am saying is that this method won't work for everyone and every tea.

(For some people, just having some caffeine removed in the tea will do the trick. Whether it is some or most of the caffeine is irrelevant.)

Also, the so-called Hot Wash Method will remove the antioxidants and theanine, alongside caffeine.

So what do I recommend?

First, by all means try the Hot Wash Method. Just be aware that it won't work for all the teas.

Some of my customers suffer from insomnia after drinking too much green tea, but sleep well when drinking a high grade such as HQ's Dragon Well.

If you want a soothing cup of tea, upgrade yourself to a high grade. These spring harvested tea buds contain theanine in abundance, which has been found to be naturally decaffeinating.

(High grade teas contain much more theanine than caffeine, the results is a full-body sweetness and mind-calming, no the bitter taste and irritation associated with caffeine.)

Theanine is naturally sweet, it is what gives a high grade tea its full bodied flavors. It has also been found to help the mind relax and concentrate.

Green Tea Caffeine Content Paradox Theanine Decaffeination

Alternatively, for for a low grade, such as the Japanese hojicha or genmaicha. They contain less of antioxidants and caffeine. But is still a healthy drink.

Hojicha Green Tea - A Prefect Decaffeinated Drink?

Finally, if camellia sinensis tea won't do i, try a herbal tea which doesn't contain caffeine.

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Oct 13, 2009
Caffeine and tea: myth and reality
by: corax

It's really not so much a matter of controversy in the science, as it is a problem of old stories being repeated [and repeated and repeated] ad nauseam. Nigel Melican, of Teacraft ltd, has demonstrated the problem, and offered a clear explanation of the actuality of the situation, in his now-famous essay at CHA DAO, 'Caffeine and Tea: Myth and Reality.' you can read this at


Oct 14, 2009
Practical Oriented
by: Julian

Corax, thank you for the post. Very good article.


I agree with you the main issue is that the 45 seconds rule has been too often sold as a scientific certainty.

I personally think this is a practical question, not a scientific question.

The subject of caffeine and its relationship to tea has been extensively researched by Japanese and Chinese scientists.

The science is well understood. Especially in the Far East's academic world.

However, for a tea drinker having troubles with caffeine, the scientific facts (or fragments) are not helpful because the reality of the situation is very complex.

(What does all the different components add up to?)

In particular, the effects of theanine confuses things more:

Tea buds have higher caffeine but even higher theanine to caffeine ratio, often resulting in a soothing effect.

So this is a practical question, not a scientific question.

The purpose of this article is to discuss alternatives to other non-caffeinted beverage.

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