Milk Thistle Weight Loss
Why It's A Cure for Overeating

Milk thistle weight loss works because the herb may help the body breaks down fat.

Although herbalists and herbal enthusiasts have used milk thistle herb tea as a beverage for decades, the trend is now catching on by those that want to lose weight. There is a scientific basis for this.

In the process of gaining weight, one of the most common things that happens is a person eats too much at a meal or in between meals.

During digestion, the liver and gall bladder must process the food. The liver is the master gland at orchestrating the breakdown of fat by producing enzymes that are called lipases.

When the level of fat consumed in a meal exceeds the level of enzymes that are created to break them down, the liver has to upregulate its production of the enzymes. This may take a few days to occur.

In the meantime, the fat is primarily stored and not used for energy.

However, if an herb is simultaneously taken that assists the liver and gall bladder in the digestion of food and the removal of waste products, the body operates with higher efficiency.

It can then process the extra fat. This is what the herb milk thistle does when the extra demand for processing fat is placed upon it.

Many people have discovered the benefits of this. For example, if it’s holiday time and you have eaten an exceptionally large amount of food that you are used to, you will experience an uncomfortable feeling in your abdomen as the body tries to process the food.

If you add a cup of milk thistle tea or other type of herb that works on the liver and gall bladder to your meal, then you will find that the uncomfortable feeling is gone. The herb has acted in a way to make your digestion more efficient.

Another way that milk thistle tea can benefit is during the weight loss process.

By drinking one cup with each meal, you are supporting your digestive system to release more toxins from the liver.

By eating a meal that is low in fats, the milk thistle doesn’t have to process the fats in the meal and is available to process the fats in the liver. Many people who have used this herbalist’s trick have noticed that it’s easier to lose weight.

Try it for yourself and find out if it works for you.

Milk thistle is known for its ability to decrease cholesterol levels. This alone is proof that the herb facilitates an easier processing of fat.

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