Longjing Tea - 2008 is a JOLLY GOOD year!

by Mike of

Mike from Asia rates 2008 JiPin LongJing grade 5 out of 5.

I received the 2008 Gong JiPin Grade about 2 weeks ago and have been living in heavenly bliss so far!

The lovely chestnutty aroma is good enough to bring one to tea heaven. :)

The 2008 batch also seems to be one notch better than your 2007 batch in terms of taste. There is a delicate (but not too delicate) amount of sweetness, which makes this tea simply lovely at any time of the day.

For brewing, I add about 2 generous pinches of tea leaves to a regular sized mug of hot water (about 90'C). This grade of tea lasts at least 3 infusions.

It's so good, I ordered another batch of 250 grams.

Dear Julian, please do consider another "special" price for 500grams and above...

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Apr 14, 2008
Longjing Tea 2008M
by: Julian

Mike, it is great to hear from you! I noticed your double orders recently and had wanted to touch base, I am glad you love the tea!

This is truly rare authentic Longjing, not a tea that everyone will understand, but when you discover it, you can have it for life, and it gets better!

How many things in life can you say that?

The deal you and me are getting from HQ is very good. A lot of merchants are getting 20% price increases, and we are lucky to avoid it this year, despite our low price base.

There will be a 10% price hike in May to reflect the continuing appreciation of dollars this year. I just need to find the time to do it!

AS for special price for 500 grams, I have to admit things are really tight or this tea. Unlike most others teas, those small tea gardens have large pricing power, which I am really happy about.

I mean, I would rather let small families profit than large corporations, helping to spread the bounties more widely...

If there is a demand for 1 kilogram quantity, I am happy to provide a small discount (say 5%), but I doubt it will be worth it for most people.

I will raise your question is the coming newsletters!



PS: One thing about drinking Longjing tea is Singapore is the storage - how do you avoid the humidity? How long do you store your packet after you open?

Apr 16, 2008
Tea Storage
by: Mike

Hi Julian,

I keep the opened bag of tea leaves in tuppleware (a Korean brand with 4 locks). Even though Singapore is very humid, this keeps the leaves fresh enough till I have to open another bag of 50 Grams. I am a heavy drinker and so one bag of 50 grams will be consumed in about 3 weeks time.

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