Liver Detox Tea Review
An American Blend By LocalHarvest

This liver detox tea by LocalHarvest is formulated by herbalist Sharon Hubbs-Kreft. Does it really live up to its name?

Liver Detox Tea is branded by Local Harvest, a company located in Santa Cruz CA. The company was founded in 1998 by Guillermo Payet, a software engineer and activist dedicated to generating positive social change through the Internet. is a top informational resource for the Buy Local movement and direct marketing family farms. The site features a definitive and reliable "living" public nationwide directory of small farms, farmer's markets, and other local food sources.

Liver Detox Tea was formulated by Sharon Hubbs-Kreft, an Herbalist and Certified Natural Health Consultant. She makes the product to order and uses organically grown herbs. The product is shipped in resealable bags for convenience and freshness.

This is how Local Harvest describes this product:

A strong root flavored tea with a kick to help assist in liver function, blood cleansing and internal detox…Excellent for general digestive detox or as part of a detox program.

Detox blend is good for any type of liver ailment and will act as a stimulant to increase all liver functions. It will also act as a liver protector/strengthener, a treatment for liver stagnation or deficiency (overtaxed liver), skin cleanser by liver cleansing and a bile stimulant that will increase fat digestion and protein synthesis…

Tea will also aid in inflammation reduction by assisting the liver in its breakdown of naturally occurring cortisone. Tea will also act as a strong blood cleanser.

Herbs in this blend are hepatics (aid the liver, increase bile flow with active bitter principles), alteratives (blood cleansing), cholagogues (increases bile) and diuretics (increases urine), specifically for the liver.

Instructions: This blend is safe for monthly use and can be used during fasting periods or detox diets. Detox instructions are included. Should not be consumed by pregnant or nursing women.

This detox blend can be used along with additional formulas for the kidney, gall bladder, skin and lymphatic system.

Chemical Composition

The ingredients of this herbal detox tea are listed below along with their actions:

Herbal Ingredients
Milk Thistle Liver detoxifier
Licorice Root Kidney detoxifier
Fenugreek Lung cleanser
Yellow Dock Root Liver detoxifier, primarily heavy metals
Burdock Root Blood cleanser
Oregon Grape Root Liver detoxifier
Turmeric (ground) No true detoxifying effects but provides some help for liver with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions


Based on the ingredients, we can see that Liver Detox Tea is truly a specific organ cleanse meant to detox the liver. No false claims there.

What we are missing is information on how long the formula can be taken; perhaps additional instructions are included in the package. The term “safe for monthly use” is vague for those with and without herbal training. Does that mean use it once a month, use it for a month, or use it every month?

The ingredient list tells us that the formula can be used on a daily basis for extended time periods without much cause for concern, as long as we are not taking prescription medications.

Physiologically, this product would flush the toxins from the liver and gall bladder, carry them out of the body through the kidneys and cleanse the blood along the way.

It is not meant for a full body detoxification. The product could definitely be used by a beginner for detox as long as that person’s bowels are moving at least twice daily.

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