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Mar 26, 2017
Good info
by: Jbreckenridge1965

I appreciate all the description and science of what makes a high catechin containing tea, but I'm trying to purchase tea now. I don't have time to visit the farm.

Please list the top 3 quality teas containing the highest amounts of catechins please?!

May 29, 2017
2017 Recommendations
by: Julian


Thank you for your post online.

The highest quality tea containing the highest amount of EGCG are
those tea buds harvested in the first few days in spring. You can buy
those in my tea shop in the link below, the April/May harvest has just

See my newsletter for the latest review:

All those teas mentioned are very high quality, you just need to
decide on your price points.

Bear in mind that you should take 1-3 grams of tea a few times a week,
and these tea buds can be infused 3 times to make 3 cups.

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