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Issue #89: Green Tea Season 2017 Has Started!
April 29, 2017


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

29 April 2017

Issue #89: Green Tea Season 2017 Has Started!


>> Green Tea Season 2017 Update

Have you been waiting for the new green tea season to arrive? Well, the wait is over.

8 of my 12 lightly oxidized teas have been restocked and they are looking good!

1. Tribute Dragon Well Green Tea - King, Jipin, AAA, AA, B grade

It has been a difficult season for our Longjing tea.

There is no change in quality for the higher grades. Our Tribute Longjing is the best tea in China and possibly the world. Every year is consistently excellent.

B grade, however, looks messier this year. Heavy rainfall in April means the tea buds couldn't be picked in time and are overgrown. There is little impact on mouthfeel and aroma, though. They taste as good as last year.

Why is it a difficult season this year?

A major consequence of the heavy rainfall is that very little high grades are produced this year. Prices have skyrocketed.

Now here's the good news. Due to our privilege connection with HQ, we are keeping the prices the same as last year (which also haven't changed for years!).

2. Anji Baicha Green Tea - AAA Grade

Moving on to our second highest quality green tea, Anji Baicha - same good as last year.

3. Dongting Biluochun Green Tea - AAA Grade

Now here's the surprise for the 2017 season. The Dongting Mountain - the Authentic Source of Biluochun Tea - has an excellent season.

The locals say it is the best in five years.

We agree. Early-bird customers are placing second orders. You better get it now before we run out of stock!

Zhejiang Biluochun is the same as last year.

4. Lushan Yunwu Green Tea - AAA Grade

Although not a "Big name", this Yunwu tea is pure quality, scoring highly for beautiful tea buds and high aroma. This year is even better than last year. Worth a try if you haven't it before.

5. Mengding Ganlu Green Tea, 6.Zhuyeqing Green Tea, and 7.Mengding Huangya Yellow Tea

These three teas from Sichuan province are broadly the same as last year.

The Zhuyeqing tea buds and especially strong and fat this year.

8. Silver Needle White Tea - Jipin Grade

This highest grade of white tea (first day harvest!) has much fatter tea buds compared to the 2016 harvest.

To some extent it is back to normal, as the 2016 first day harvest took place one day ealier to avoid an impending rain , resulting in small-than-usualler tea buds.

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email or drop me a line in our Facebook page!

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Julian Tai

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