Honey Facts and Uses

Essiac Canada International claims to own the Original Essiac herbal formula used by Rene Caisse herself. Can we trust them?

In international terms China is currently by far the largest honey producing nation in the world, with around a 40 per cent slice of the market. The next biggest producers are the US, Argentina and Ukraine. According to the American Honey Producers Association, China and Argentina have been adversely affecting America?s domestic honey industry with cheap imports, although there is a counter argument that both China and Argentina have been helping to counterbalance falling production in the US. Also starting to emerge onto the world honey production arena are Thailand and Vietnam.

Even ancient languages give us a clue to the importance of honey. The BEE (bhei-) was particularly important as the producer of honey, for which we have the common Indo-European name melit-. Honey was the only source of sugar and sweetness (swd-, ?sweet,? is ancient), and notably was the base of the only certain Indo-European alcoholic beverage, medhu-, which in different dialects meant both MEAD (?wine? in Greece and Anatolia) and ?honey.?

Mead (honey wine) has for centuries been renowned as an 'aphrodisiac' and the word Honeymoon is derived from the ancient Viking custom of having newly-weds drink mead for a whole moon (month) in order to increase their fertility and therefore their chances of a happy and fulfilled marriage. We have returned full cycle to the birds and the bees.

* Eyesight
Regular use of honey mixed with the carrot juice helps to improve the eyesight. It should be taken one hour before meals in the morning.

* Cough
Mixture of equal quantities of honey and ginger juice is a good expectorant. It gives immediate relief in symptoms like cold, cough, sore throat, congestion of chest and runny nose.

* Asthma
Mix half a gram of black pepper powder with honey and ginger juice mixture (equal quantity). Take this mixture at least three times a day. It helps to cure asthma.

* Blood Pressure
Take one teaspoonful of garlic juice mixed with two teaspoonful of honey. It can be taken twice a day in the morning and evening. Regular use of this mixture is beneficial for high blood pressure.

* Blood Purification and Fat Reduction
Take one glass of warm water and mix 1-2 teaspoonful of honey and one teaspoonful of lemon juice. Take this preparation daily before evacuation. It helps to purify the blood. It also helps to reduce fat and to clean the bowels.

* Heart Tonic
One teaspoonful of anise powder mixed with one or two teaspoonful of honey acts a very nice tonic for the heart. It strengthens the heart muscles and improves its functions.

1. Calming down the nervous system.
2. Producing sleep at night.
3. Relieves annoying coughs.
4. Has a laxative action which is effective, yet mild.
5. Relieves pain in arthritis.
6. It is antiseptic.
7. Cures bed-wetting in children.
8. Controls muscle cramps.
9. Relieves burns.
10. Relieves stuffy nose.
11. Treats hay fever.
12. Relieves nasal sinusitis.

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