Green Tea Without Caffeine
A How-To Guide

How to enjoy green tea without caffeine side effects.

1. Avoid green tea energy drink.

They contain high concentration of caffeine. 

Coca-cola’s Enviga, for example, contains 100 milligrams of caffeine per serving.

Why can't they stop pretending it is a health drink?

2. Avoid teabags.

Researchers Hicks et all found that brewing 3 cups of tea using teabags give you twice as much caffeine as loose tea.

This is because we only use teabags once, whereas loose green tea can be infused 3 times.

This is an abridged article. For further information, read

Green Tea Caffeine

3. Drink regular green tea hot.

Green Tea Caffeine ContentGreen tea contains catechins and theanine that reduce caffeine activity.

Brewing green tea allows these molecules to combine with caffeine in hot water, rendering the caffeine less effective.

Always drink green tea hot. It has been found that green tea catechins start to break down after a couple of hours.

4. Leave out the first infusion.

Caffeine is quicker to dissolve than the other tea compounds. Throw away the first infusion after 5 minutes, as it soaks up 70% of the caffeine.

A high grade green can be infused at least 3 times, so the second and third infusions still taste good.

5. Beware of "natural decaffeinated"

The decaffeination process destroys the flavor and nutrients of green tea. Papers published by the USDA and UCLA show that a decaf contains less than a third of the catechins found in regular green tea.

The worse culprit is a "natural decaffeinated" such as one processed using the ethyl acetate solvent. It is a green tea without caffeine - and nutrients.

6. What if all else fail?

Okay, lets say you go for a half-strength brew, drink fewer cups, skip the first infusion and even try out a few greens. 

And it is still not working out. What to do?

Flower and herbal infusions are not Camellia Sinensis and do not contain caffeine.

Also check out Rooibos from South Africa and Yerba Mate from South America.

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