Green Tea Uses
10 Alternative Ideas For Left Over Leaves

Green tea is not just for drinking. Here are ten practical green tea uses to get the most out of left over or used tea leaves.

1. Dry Air

Is any part of your house prone to dampness? Sun-dry the used tea. Leave them in a damp corner to absorb the moisture.

2. Deodorise Fridge

Does your fridge smell funny? Sun-dry the used tea. Leave them in the fridge to clear up the smell.

3. Sleep Easy

Have problems sleeping at night? Stuff dried tea leaves into your pillow! According to Chinese folk medicine, sleeping on tea leaves helps reduce blood pressure, relieves insomnia and soothes headaches.

The only problem is that tea leaves in the pillow get damp easily, so you have to sun it frequently.

4. Clean Carpet

Find your carpet too dusty? Scatter slightly moistened tea leaves across the floor before vacuuming them away. Tea leaves attract dust and take dust away with them.

5. Water Plants

Water your plant with tea. Soak the tea leaves in water for a couple of days. Remove the tea leaves, as rotten tea leaves attract pests. Use the tea water as fertilizer.

6. Rear Worms

This is a classic in China. Apparently silk worms thrive on tea leaves.

7. Rid Insects

If you live in a part of the world where mosquitoes or flies are a bother, burn some sun dried tea leaves.

8. Deodorise Feet

If you suffer from smelly feet, try washing your feet in a strong brew of used tea leaves.

9. Rinse Mouth

Trouble by foul mouth after eating garlic or onion? It is not a good idea to have tea immediately after a meal, but you can rinse your mouth with tea to remove any smell. This also promotes oral hygiene.

10. Deodorise Furniture

Just move into a new house and don't like the smell of new wooden furniture? Wipe them a few times with tea to get rid of the smell.

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