Green Tea to Boost Metabolism At Reasonable Price

by Clay

1.) I am a 19 year old male interested in shedding just a few (literally, a few) pounds with losing minimal muscle mass.

In my diet I avoid saturated fats, excess sugars & carbohydrates, and try to limit my portion sizes.

I am 6'3 and weigh 193 pounds and my primary concern is shedding any excess body fat preventing muscular definition.

I lift weights 4-5 times a week and run 2-4 miles 2-3 times a week. However, I am having a hernia repaired tomorrow so I will be unable to exercise for at least 4 weeks.

Will drinking green tea help keep my metabolism going while I am inactive?

Also, will drinking ~6 cups per day once I am active again continue to affect me in a positive way?

Because I am not overweight, will green tea still help me lose weight? Or is it only affective for those with excess body fat?

2.) I am a student, and therefore I have a very limited budget. Would I be able to get similar, although less notable, effects from store-bought green tea?

I drink one cup of Bigelow's green tea every morning to start my day.


Clay, given your young age and actively lifestyle, I am confident that drinking a high quality green tea can have a very positive effect on your metabolism.

Here is an article that you will find useful:

Green Tea Metabolism
- How Many More Calories?

To summarize:

This is where green tea metabolism kicks in. If you burn 2,000 calories a day, this translates to a saving of 80 calories, or 8 pounds a year, not bad for just a few cups of soothing tea! After a few years, each little cup adds up to a gigantic slimming effect.

Your next question, what will green tea do for you once you go back to your active lifetyle?

The answer: tonnes. But let's focus on one - it will do wonders to your exercise performance, as green tea and exercise acts in synergy:

Green Tea Diet and Exercise - Visceral Fat Burning and Stamina

Also, as the above study shows, it is damned good at ridding belly fat and boosting muscle tone.

Finally, green tea is only potent when it is harvested with lots of tea buds, stored under air-tight near or below freezing temperature. Anything that has been exposed to ambient will lose potency in 3 months.

For a reasonably priced and tasty cup of green tea, I highly recommend this Maofeng tea, many of my customers have commented how great value it is:

Huangshan Maofeng Organic (Yellow Mountain Tea) - Astonishing Quality and Value

You are really talking about less than $6 for 50 grams of tea, which can infused 50 cups - circa 10 cents per cup.

I hope this helps.


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