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A Secret Friend Offer

In Amazing Green Tea Store, you have secret friends in China's finest tea gardens.

Imagine: Olympics 2008. It is your last day in China. You walk down Beijing's poshest high street, looking for a tea to take home.

You walk into the grandest tea shop and ask:

“I am looking for a special tea to buy.”

The girl examines you briefly, as if gauging your buying power. She points to a tea hidden behind the shelf:

 “There is one here. It is the best we have got. Would you like to try some?”

“Sure,” you reply, almost irresistibly.

She carefully weighs out the tea, then expertly brews it before you. Its rich aroma fills the air. You sip and feel it glowing inside your body. Your head clears up. You feel fantastic.

“How much does it cost?” you ask, somewhat nervously, suddenly aware that you only have $100 left in your wallet.

“With a 10% discount, you pay 200 dollars for 100 grams.”

Your heart sinks. You have to catch the first flight home tomorrow morning.

Suddenly, you remember, and like a flash of light, you reach for your pocket.

“I know a friend. Here is his card. Can you give me a discount?”

She looks at it, then smiles again.

“Yes. You are entitled to a 65% discount. It now costs just 76 dollars for 100 grams”

“Wonderful. I'll take it!” you reply.

Now, imagine this wonderful story again. What if I tell you that all of the above is true and you don't have to be in China to enjoy its best tea?

What if I tell you that the tea is Tribute Dragon Well, HQ is your secret friend, and the Green Tea Store is Tianfu, China's premium tea shop?

longjing teaImagine you are sipping the best green tea in the world.

Despite being a long time drinker of green tea, you are completely blown away. Never have you tasted something so fresh and full bodied, lightly floral and yet flavorful.

No matter what water temperature you use, the tea is always sweet and never bitter.

2-3 glasses mid morning leave you completely relaxed and energized for the day. Your palate feels very clean, silky and refreshed all day long. Your mind feels calm and concentrates very well with whatever task at hand.

This tea is called Tribute Dragon Well Tea. It is grown in the Lion Peak Mountain of Hangzhou, China. The Chinese White House - Zhong Nan Hai - sources 500 kilograms this tea yearly.

You can now buy this tea from this site at 100% purity.

Launched in 2006, she has accumulated nearly 170 raving reviews. Customers are saying that this is the best green tea they have ever had!

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