Green Tea Increase Weight Loss
As Easy As A Cup Of Tea!

Can drinking green tea increase weight loss? What's the best form of tea to take?

Here’s a simple idea – drink green tea, lose weight! Is it really that easy? Studies have shown that drinking green tea really can help you to lose weight.

Of course to shed a lot of unwanted pounds, you’ll have to watch what you eat and get regular exercise, but studies have shown that consistent consumption of green tea can help.

How It Work

There are at least 3 ways on how green tea increase weight loss.

  • Green tea contains caffeine in small doses.

Caffeine is a stimulant, which means that it acts as a mild appetite suppressant and raises your metabolism temporarily. By itself this would not be enough to really help you lose weight – otherwise coffee drinkers would all be thin!

  • Green tea contains polyphenols, antioxidant compounds that benefit your body cells in many different ways. It is thought that one of these polyphenols, called EGCG, is especially powerful in promoting fat oxidation.

  • Polyphenols helps reduce body fat by affecting the way glucose is stored in the fat cells. Green tea extract has been shown to reduce blood glucose levels.

Tea Extracts Or Beverage?

There are many different choices when it comes to getting your green tea supply.

It has become the main ingredient in lots of different weight loss supplements, and green tea extract itself is available in different strengths, in both capsules and liquid preparations.

Then of course there is the old fashioned method of brewing it and drinking it from a cup!

Brew Loose Tea!

Drinking a hot cup of loose green tea is probably the best way to enjoy this special beverage. The highest quality tea is usually available loose for brewing. Lower quality leaves are used in supplements and bags.

Drinking plenty of water is key to any weight loss plan, all those cups of tea will keep you one step ahead of the game. So get ready to drink green tea, lose weight, lose fat, and live a healthier life!

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